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The Aaron Kwok Fu Sing starred film THE DETECTIVE II (B+ JING TAM) will soon open. The film is an extension of THE DETECTIVE (C+ JING TAM). Earlier Sing Sing honestly said that he liked this character because he was a little bashful and humorous. He said, "THE DETECTIVE II 'rose' from C to B. Last time he relied on a ghost's help to solve a case. This time he had to rely on himself and investigate step by step." He honestly said that in the film he had more internal scenes and felt suspenseful and intense. Sing Sing and director Oxide Pang Shun were good friends. He thought that Pang Shun actually was very suitable for comedy. He said, "Actually personally Pang Shun is very humorous when he talks."

This time THE DETECTIVE II added Patrick Tam Yiu Man, how was their first collaboration for Sing Sing? He said that Tam Yiu Man in the film played a cop who hindered his investigation, thus in the film they had a lot of struggles with a sense of humor in them.

Speaking of working with Liu Kai Chi again, Sing Sing said, "This time Uncle Chi will continue to play a cop, he still is my buddy." Sing Sing said that in the film he had intense scenes like a narrow alley car chase. He said, "In the scene a car chased me but the road was very narrow and uneven, if I tripped it would have been pretty dangerous."

Did Sing Sing ask for a double? He said that most Pang Shun movies would not use doubles, he performed many of the action scenes. Sing Sing pointed out that in one fight scene someone strangled him from behind with a wire and he was injured. He said, "When he was strangling me, the wire got into my eye. Because the injury was eye related, I went to see the doctor right away. After applying ointment and medication I went back to the shoot again."

Sing Sing honestly said that action scenes often had accidents and injuries. When he made STORM RIDERS (FUNG WON) he injured his hand in an explosion scene. Did Sing Sing have any expectation for the new film? He said, "I hope to succeed THE DETECTIVE with even better performance." Sing Sing honestly said that originally he was working on Yim Ho's new film, but for the promotion he halted production for a little bit.

Speaking of his films THE DETECTIVE II and LOVE FOR LIFE (JUI OI)'s simultaneous release and the competition with himself, Sing Sing said, "Actually I rarely compete with myself, but the movie genres are different. 'TIL DEATH DO US PART is about a farmer with AIDS who spends the rest of his life to love, THE DETECTIVE II has emotions and comedy. I hope both movies do well." Would he consider THE DETECTIVE III (A+ JING TAM)? He honestly said that he liked this character very much, as he was lovable and human. He would like the chance to work on THE DETECTIVE III, but first THE DETECTIVE II's word of mouth had to be better than THE DETECTIVE's first. He thought, THE DETECTIVE II was very suitable for couples. Would Sing Sing take his rumored girlfriend Lynn Xiong (Hung Doi Lam)? He avoided the subject and would bring a female friend. Was she Hung Doi Lam? He laughed and said no comment.

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