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Yesterday the 8th anniversary of Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing's passing, but fans missed him no less despite the passing of time. Fans from different areas as usual presented flowers outside his former home and the hotel where he passed away. At night a memorial event was held in Cultural Center.

Outside Gor Gor's former home were flowers, dolls and books. A fan from Japan said that she has been a Gor Gor fan as early as ten years ago. Since Gor Gor 's passing, every year she would come to Hong Kong to pay her respect. Now she still missed Gor Gor very much and revealed that in Tokyo they met every month. Gor Gor fans only grew in number.

The Mandarin Oriental Hotel was a sea of flowers from fans from Korea, Singapore, Japan, and the Mainland, each one represented how much they missed Gor Gor. A Hong Kong fan Ms. Chen came to Mandarin Oriental Hotel to present flowers every year. "I already liked Gor Gor in the 80s. His style and star power can't be replaced. I wrote down my thoughts with the flowers." Would she go to the Cultural Center to remember Gor Gor? She said, "Mandarin Oriental was Gor Gor's favorite place so I came here to present flowers." Every year in order to present flowers, she had to leave her child with someone. After leaving flowers she had to go home right away. At 8:30PM, his fan club Red Mission at the Cultural Center held a LESLIE CHEUNG IN ASIA memorial event as 1,500 fans held glow sticks and enjoyed Gor Gor on the screen. They even were amazed with Gor Gor's unrivaled stage presence. Korean star Gianna Jun Ji-Hyun's interview of Gor Gor was also shown. Finally different versions of TOGETHER PASSING OVER in memory of Gor Gor.

In addition, many industry insiders remembered Gor Gor online. Carina Lau Ka Ling wrote, "In Heaven everything is good......that one are unforgettable......Classic photo, miss u Gor Gor!" Law Kar Ying wrote, "Today is April 1, the day to remember Cheung Kwok Wing. Heaven envies talent and does not permit glory to be seen. Although he left, he made us forever miss him. Gor Gor's spirit is in Heaven." Gigi Leung Wing Kei wrote, "Idol Forever!" Leo Ku Kui Ke wrote, "Late at night, I saw my interview of Gor Gor when I just started as an anchor. Seeing his smile when he spoke to me, my heart was all over the place. Yet another April 1, yet another April Fool's Day that I don't want to play a joke on. I only remember Gor Gor Cheung Kwok Wing."

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