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Chin Kar Lok and Carlos Chan both like going to the movies, the atmosphere of which is very different from watching at home
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The Hong Kong Theater Association executive committee chairman Timothy Yuen Yin Man, Legislative Council member Kenneth Fok Kai Kong, event ambassadors Carlos Chan Ka Lok, Hong Kong Stuntmen Association president Chin Kar Lok, and various HKTA representatives yesterday attended the April 21st "Cinema Day 2024" press conference in Tsim Sha Tsui. On that day ticket price would be 30 bucks across the board, with over 70 Chinese and foreign language films being screened. Fok Kai Kong said that he has already reflected to the government in hopes of more attention for the film industry chain. Aside from the event to support the cinema industry, it should also come up with more ideas to save the market for the industry.

Chan Ka Lok felt that one day was too little for Cinema Day and immediately reflected to Fok Kai Kong his hopes of a Cinema Week next year, in hope to bring back even more people to the movies. He and Chin Kar Lok both loved to watch movies at the cinema, laugh and cry with the audience. This feeling was complete different from watching at home, in addition they would be distracted when watching movies at home.

Chin Kar Lok said that after becoming a father, he would watch animated films with his daughter more. Occasionally he and his wife Angela Tong Ying Ying would go on movie dates. Chan Ka Lok praised Chin Kar Lok as a good Papa, as a role model to his daughter he would pretend to go to bed early. "Brother Kar Lok and several Papa class friends in the business have all given me parenthood advice. They said aside from working hard to make money to not miss the time of the children growing up."

Reportedly Andrew Lau Wai Keung approached Nicholas Tse Ting Fung about a big production, but came to a halt due to the poor economy. The internet series OCTB 2 due to financing issues has suspended production. Chin Kar Lok said that since getting into the business in 1980 he has already run into similar situations several times. He hoped to be able to attract even more investors and not to focus on just one market. He said that when INFERNAL AFFAIRS (MO GAN DOH)'s director Lau Wai Keung had difficulties with starting a production, new directors who want to make another movie after finishing one would have even more difficulties. He hoped that the government would be able to provide more assistance to the industry. "Filmmakers are very amazing, they go with the flow." Chan Ka Lok also said that everyone have to have confidence in the film industry, not to be so disillusioned over one or two things.

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