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Hui Yuet Seung is inexperience and is grateful for helping hands
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New comer Varona Hui Yuet Seung with the Lawrence Kan Kwan Chun directed film IN BROAD DAYLIGHT (BAK YUT JI HA)'s young reporter role would compete for this year's Hong Kong Film Awards "Best New Performer" Award. Studying at the Academy of Performing Arts, she has already participated in many music videos before graduation. She even successfully auditioned for and landed a role in the ViuTV drama LEFT ON READ, then received the opportunity to perform in IN BROAD DAYLIGHT. She even signed with Louis Koo Tin Lok's artist agency. Actually at the university she once studied accounting, but after two years she thought it was too dull and transferred to the Academy of Performing Arts. At first her family objected, but later they let her go on her own way. Although she has not been in the business for long, on the way she ran into many benefactors who gave her valuable opportunities. Hui Yue Seung was very grateful, not only to director Kan Kwan Chun for trusting her but also for elder Jennifer Yu Heung Ying's advice. "At first when I saw Yu Heung Ying I was very scared, I didn't dare to get near her. However she really is very friendly, she told me not to be nervous, comforted me so I wouldn't have too much stress. She took care of me like a big sister, and took great care of every actor on the team. I hope to one day be able to be like her and take care of new comers. She is my role model. I remember that she told me, to be able to perform well and endure in this business, the most important is to have a good attitude." As for the "Best New Performer" Award, Hui Yuet Seung joked that she was not too confident. The nomination was already quite a honor. Speaking of which elder she would like to work with in the future? She admitted that she really admired Tang Wei, Zhou Xun, Zhang Ziyi and others. She also would like to work with her boss Koo Tin Lok on a comedy.

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