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Jennifer Yu wins Best Actress as the favorite

Tony Leung Chiu Wai wins Best Actor yet again and accepts the awards over video chat

Aaron Kwok presents Best Director to Soi Cheang

Michelle Wai dresses up for the occasion

Sammo Hung receives the Lifetime Achievement Award 

John Chiang wins Best Supporting Actor

Best Supporting Actress Rachel Leung

Renci Yeung

Jeffrey Ngai and Greg Hsu both look cool and handsome in suits

Yoyo Tse

Minchen Lin and Stephy Tang make a white and black pairing

Angelababy returns to the Hong Kong Film Awards after 10 years

Catherine Chau is injured all over but still dresses up to attend

Best Supporting Actress nominee Fish Liew

Kelly Lin
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Tony Leung Chiu Wai witnesses yet another Best Actor Award over video chat, while his wife Carina Lau accepts the award on his behalf

Lifetime Achievement Award recipient Sammo Hung thanks his wife Joyce Godenzi for taking care of him for 40 years

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Tony Leung Chiu Wai cannot hide his joy when he wins Best Actor over video chat

Carina Lau accepts the Best Actor award on her husband's behalf and calls him a very great actor

Jennifer Yu gets teary eyed when she wins her first Best Actress

The Dayo Wong starred film A GUILTY CONSCIENCE wins Best Film

Best Supporting Actor John Chiang would give the award to his wife Li Linlin for their 50th wedding anniversary this year

IN BROAD DAYLIGHT's Rachel Leung wins Best Supporting Actress

Soi Cheang wins Best Director and receives the award from Aaron Kwok

FLY ME TO THE MOON's Yoyo Tse wins Best New Performer and feels it is a huge encouragement and recognition

Sammo Hung shares his Lifetime Achievement Award joy with his wife Joyce Godenzi

Tsui Hark presents the Professional Achievement Award to Tong Ping

Angelababy declines to comment on the mainland boycott rumors

Will Or and Jeffrey Ngai

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The 42nd Hong Kong Film Awards took place last night at the Hong Kong Cultural Center. The film THE GOLDFINGER (GUM SAU JI) won 6 awards to become the big winner of the night. Jennifer Yu Heung Ying with IN BROAD DAYLIGHT (BAK YUT JI HA) won Best Actress as the favorite. Tony Leung Chiu Wai with THE GOLDFINGER won his sixth Best Actor award. Because Wai Jai was working on a movie in Germany, his wife Carina Lau Ka Ling accepted the award on his behalf.

Leung Chiu Wai this time with THE GOLDFINGER won his 6th Best Actor to become the actor with the most Best Actor Awards in the Hong Kong Film Awards history. Wai Jai said, "I don't know what to say, I am very happy because I haven't won an award at the Hong Kong Film Awards for a very long time. It probably has been over a decade. Thank you Hong Kong Film awards, friend who nominated me, Emperor Entertainment, Yeung Sau Sing and director Chong Man Keung for giving the opportunity to me. I also have to thank the producer, the cinematographer, the cast, the crew and you." Lau Ka Ling asked Wai Jai would she thank award presenters Louis Koo Tin Lok, Anita Yuen Wing Yee or her? Wai Jai joked, "Of course thank you, Sister Ka Ling! Thank you for your encouragement and support." Wai Jai also thanked his family, children's program producer Lam Lai Chun and viewer friends who have supported him over 41 years.

Receiving the award on his behalf, Ka Ling added on the stage, "I want to say a few words, may I? I know when many people see Leung Chiu Wai win, they would definitely say no way, him again. Oh My God! He should give the opportunity to other people, but from him I realize that he deserves to win, because he is a very great actor." Wai Jai said, "Don't ever say that, good actor is enough; it doesn't need to be very great actor." Lau Ka Ling continued, "I believe other actors would give 100 or 200% effort to the production, but Leung Chiu Wai would always give 1000% effort to his work. Hong Kong has such a great actor, we should be proud." Wai Jai kept saying, "Don't say great, good actor is enough. Everyone has contributed a lot of hard work."

Yu Heung Ying had three Hong Kong Film Award nominations. This year finally with IN BROAD DAYLIGHT she won Best Actress and received the award from Sammi Cheng Sau Man. Along with the earlier Directors' Guild, Film Critic Society and internet film critic Highlight Award she has won four Best Actress awards. She got choked up and said, "Thank you to the cast and the crew, thank you Mommy; always giving me the greatest motivation when I was disheartened. Thank you my husband, without his support I wouldn't be able to do anything. I would spend a lifetime to be an even better actor."

Later in the media interview, Yu Heung Ying said, "On the stage I forgot to thank the director, I want to hit my head with the award. Thanking him 100 times would not be enough. At first he was the one who called me and asked me if I still wanted to act, because many people thought actresses after marriage might not want to return to work on camera. I thank him for inviting and trusting me. Only because he felt I was suitable for the character would I win the award. Special thanks to my husband, after work he helps with our daughter. After dinner he helps me with my lines. I also thank Mommy for the encouragement, giving positive energy."

"Best Film" went to A GUILTY CONSCIENCE, with Japanese master class director Hirokazu Koreeda presenting the award.

Started as a child star, the 76 year old John Chiang Dai Wai (John Gor) with IN BROAD DAYLIGHT won "Best Supporting Actor". Taiwan star Kelly Lin (Lam Hei Lu) presented the award. When John Gor was announced the winner, he received a standing ovation. His wife Li Linlin gave him a congratulatory kiss, while the defeated Golden Horse Award Best Actor Wu Kang-Jen was quite the gentleman; he approached Chiang Dai Wai and gave him a congratulatory handshake. Winning with his first nomination, he joked, "I never would have guessed that like Big Brother (Paul Chun Pui) I too had to work on Little Brother (Derek Yee Tung Sing) produced or directed movie to win an award, not to mention that one had to play mad and the other dumb. In the end we both won Best Supporting Actor." This year happened to be John Gor and his wife Li Linlin's 50th anniversary. He would give the award to his wife. "I would celebrate in the lowest key manner, I would give this award to her. I love you." In the audience Li Linlin also blew kisses to her husband. John Gor continued that over 50 years ago he always thought that whether he had an award or not he would make movies, but later he realized that an award would be rather important to an actor. Aside from everyone's recognition, it would also be a recognition for the actor himself. In his lifetime he has only worked one job, which is film. Film has brought his work, family and friends. In his next life he would want to continue to be a filmmaker. He also thanked Louis Koo Tin Lok, Yee Tung Sing, the IN BROAD DAYLIGHT team; and finally he wanted to thank his mentor Director Chang Cheh, without whom he would not be here. In his interview he said that he would never retire, he hoped to make even more good Hong Kong films for more viewers to see.

Rachel Leung Yung Ting with her first Hong Kong Film Awards nomination immediately won "Best Supporting Actress" as the IN BROAD DAYLIGHT favorite. She felt that she was lucky and tearfully thanked people who have helped her, including many good elders she has run into. She even gave special thanks to her teacher Dick Liu Kai Chi in Heaven. "The Hong Kong Film Award is every actor's dream. Thank you director Kan Kwan Chun for making this powerful yet tender movie. When he made his first movie, I was an extra. Destiny brought us together again. Thank you to the cast, the crew and drama teachers who have taught me acting; including Mr. Liu Kai Chi in Heaven. I hope everyone would choose to be kind." During her interview, she said that now is only the start of being an actor. This time she has fulfilled her dream, because when she first became an actor she already wanted to win the Hong Kong Film Awards. In the future she would work hard and follow the steps to play each character well. She continued that IN BROAD DAYLIGHT has already opened in the mainland and hoped that the film would be able to deliver good film messages to everyone and have everyone's support.

In a black and gold "lobster" dress, Lau Ka Ling presented the Best New Performer and New Director awards. Yoyo Tse Wing Yan with FLY ME TO THE MOON won Best New Performer, while Nick Cheuk Yik Him with TIME STILL TURNS THE PAGES won New Director. Tse Wing Yan said that she would continue to work hard and make even more good work for everyone. She would like the most to be able to play someone with strange behavior to challenge herself. Cheuk Yim Him also thanked the cast and the crew, winning New Director with his directing debut.

"Big Brother Big" Hung Kam Bo has been in Hong Kong show business for over 60 years and received the "Lifetime Achievement Award". Guest presenter Sylvia Chang (Cheung Ngai Ga) before presenting the award shared her impression of Hung Kam Bo. "In my eyes he is very humorous, tender, while making dramatic scenes he is not only in character but also a little shy. Isn't that hard to believe, hahah." When Hung Kam Bo appeared, he received a standing ovation. His "Big Brother Big" nature was on full display as he told everyone to sit down. He first thanked the Hong Kong Film Awards for presenting him with this honor, and also thanked everyone for the love and care for him. He also pointed out that being able to perform well in the same industry for over 60 years has truly been his fortune. He also said that this award did not belong to just him. He thanked many benefactors for supporting him, including many good partners for decades, and the Sammo Hung stunt team's brothers. He did not forget to thank his former wife for giving him 4 nice children, and his current wife Joyce Godenzi (Go Lai Hung) for patiently taking care of him for already 40 some years. He also pointed out that he has already won "Best Actor", "Best Action Choreography", two "Lifetime Achievement awards" but he has yet to win "Best Director". He hoped to continue to have opportunities to make a dozen or more movies. He would be happy with just one nomination, if it would win then it would be even better. Then he would be able to officially achieve four joys at the door!

Hung Kam Bo during his interview was asked whether he really wanted to win the director award? He said that this award was quite a surprise, but after directing over 200 films he has never won a director award. Thus he hoped to have one that would, or win "Best Film". He also intended on making the LUCKY STARS film series again, unfortunately some of the actors (Richard Ng Yiu Hon) was no longer with us and would not be able to continue on. He felt very sad about that. Speaking of making only one romantic drama in his life and his co-star was Sylvia Chang (Cheung Ngai Ga), would he like to work together again and continue the kiss scene that has yet to happen? He said, "If the salary is higher then I would be willing, haha! We can consider (working together again); because making action films might not win Best Director, but making the 'tearjerks' would have great chances." As for how he would celebrate, he said that his wife has prohibited him from eating; which made him fill his mind with good food.
Director Tsui Hark presented the Professional Achievement Award to Tong Ping, who has worked in film costume management for over 40 years. Tong Ping happily thanked different partners and family. Tsui Hark said, "Our colleagues and I thank Sister Ping for servicing us for so many years. We hope to continue to struggle to the end with Hong Kong filmmakers' professional spirit!"

The 42nd Hong Kong Film Awards took place last night. Stars dressed up for the red carpet, including the "Lifetime Achievement Award" recipient Sammo Hung Kam Bo and his wife Joyce Godenzi (Go Lai Hung), Taiwan's Wu Kang-Jen and Greg Hsu, guest presenters Kelly Lin (Lam Hei Lui), Angelababy, and famous Japanese director Hirokazu Koreeda. Best Actress nominee Jennifer Yu Heung Ying received help from her daughter with what she wore, while Catherine Chau Ka Yee attended with injuries; the six time Hong Kong Film Awards record holding Best Actor Tony Leung Chiu Wai was overseas, but his wife Carina Lau Ka Ling made an appearance and even gave her husband a vote of confidence.

Lau Ka Ling appeared in a white and champagne dress. Was she accepting the award on her husband's behalf? She denied that, "No, I am here to be a guest presenter. The event would have a video chat with Wai Jai when the result would be announced. (Have you been nervous for your husband/) No, I like his chances. Other people would give 200% effort, but he gives 100%. His effort and level of focus for acting would make him set everything else aside, including me! Such love and respect for his profession is worth encouraging."

With 16 nominations the IN BROAD DAYLIGHT team arrived with Best Actor nominee Bowie Lam Bo Yi, Best Actress Jennifer Yu Heung Ying and her husband, John Chiang Dai Wai and his wife Li Linlin. Yu Heung Ying made fun of her husband for being so nervous that he has turned into a robot. Did she choose her gold dress for Best Actress luck? She said that her daughter picked it up and praised her daughter's fashion sense. Her husband pointed out that if his wife would win he would buy dinner. Yu Heung Ying whined, "It would have to be a good meal, fish and meat. For this dress I only had two pieces of chocolate all day."

The Catherine Chau Ka Yee starred THE GOLDFINGER also had 12 nominations. When she and the team appeared, due to strong wind her dress tripped her up numerous times. She was even attending with injuries! She said that lately she has been training for a new action film. Because her muscles have yet to be able to carry the load, the doctor diagnosed that one of the ribs was fractured and her shoulder had a grade one tear. If it would reach grade two she would need surgery.

The READY O/R ROT Best Actress nominee Michelle Wai Sze Nga joked that her white lace dress from France was full of accessories, so no one would be able to get close. She even had to trouble Carlos Chan Ka Lok and other strong men to carry her train, but because it was close to a wedding gown, with a veil she might recycle it for her future wedding.

Dayo Wong Tze Wah received his first Hong Kong Film Awards Best Actor nomination for A GUILTY CONSCIENCE (DUK SIT DAI JONG). He said that he has not prepared a speech and would improvise. The film's lead actress Louise Wong Dan Nei also returned from overseas to attend.

Stephy Tang Lai Yan walked the red carpet with Lin Minchen. Stephy said, "I fell in love at first sight with this dress, but at first I was a little because it had very little cloth; but the image consultant kept persuading me and telling me to try it. I am a big girl now, so let's be sexier! I have already taken all the safety precaution, and examined each other with Lin Minchen. I feel very secure."


  • Soi Cheang (MAD FATE)
  • Yau Nai Hoi, Melvin Li (MAD FATE)
  • Tony Leung (The GOLDFINGER)
  • Jennifer Yu (IN BROAD DAYLIGHT)
  • David Chiang (IN BROAD DAYLGHT)
  • Rachel Leung (IN BROAD DAYLGHT)
  • Yoyo Tse (FLY ME TO THE MOON)
  • Anthony Pun (THE GOLDFINGER)
  • Allen Leung , David Richardson (MAD FATE)
  • Man Lim Chung (THE GOLDFINGER)
  • Teddy Robin, Day Tai (BAND FOUR)
    Composer and Vocal Artist:Tse Nga Yi
    Lyricist:Wong Yee Lam
  • Nopawat Likitwong (THE GOLDFINGER)
  • Lik Wong, Benson Poon (THE GOLDFINGER)
  • Sammo Hung
  • Tong Ping

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