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Both films Amos Why directed earlier DOT 2 DOT and NAPPING KID lost money, thus he is determined to make a commercial film that would make money.

The film FAR FAR AWAY completed its production under its HK$ 2.7 million budget

Kaki Sham and Jennifer Yu are referred to as a "Beauty and the Beast" team

In the film Kaki Sham goes far far away to meet girls.  Hanna Chan is one of his girlfriends.
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The director Amos Why (Wong Ho Yin) directed FAR FAR AWAY (LUEN LO SHAN KA LA) due to the fifth wave of the pandemic went postponed from Valentine's Day to a summer release. Wong Ho Yin was not worried that the film would be outdated because love had no time limit. Making this movie, the way to success was to lower the cost and complete production within the production budget. He was not afraid of the journey to get a movie made would be difficult. He would continue to direct. Currently he had four or five subjects on hand. Once financing would be raised, production would likely begin within this year.

The film FAR FAR AWAY (LUEN LO SHAN KA LA) earlier had no release date. Director Wong Ho Yin never thought about putting it on streaming platforms. He said, "I definitely wouldn't. Many online asked why, because they didn't know that if it was placed on a streaming platform, only that platform would make money. We would have no way to break even. The theatrical release revenue would have Heaven and Earth difference with the streaming platform proceeds. Thus the film must be released on the big screen."

FAR was the third feature film Wong Ho Yin directed. He made it with the in it to win it mentality, because his two previous films DOT 2 DOT (DIM DUI DIM) and NAPPING KID (YIK HEUNG YAU GWAI) both lost money. He said, "FAR's producer Tsang Lai Fan was right, as a director the resume couldn't be every movie you directed lost money but you still wanted to keep making movies. Such talk wouldn't be valid; just like if I went to play ball, I already lost 2 balls, 2 to 0. I too would want to close the distance, I don't want to keep losing to 3 to 0 or even as brutal as 4 to 0. If you show a little performance, in the future you would be able to make riskier subjects again. Not to mention that the Hong Kong film industry isn't in the charity business, there is no reason for every movie to lose money. Thus you have to make commercial films that are certain to make money."

Wong Ho Yin revealed that this time the way to success was to lower the cost, strictly completion the production within budget. "When I wrote the script, I already though about how to lower the cost without sacrificing film quality. Thus I came up with a guy who met girls who lived very far away. Actually it could be done with one story, but I was worried that the audience would feel bored. So I chose to multiple by 5 and add 4 more actresses. Keep switching girlfriends would make the film much richer. The 5 relationships were shot separately. With 80% of the scenes actors were one on one, the film had no time wasting ensemble scenes. In addition we tried to finish in one location, saving on people, time and money."

However the originally HK$ 2.5 million production budget was finally exceeded. In the end he went HK$ 200,000 over. Wong Ho Yin revealed that during the production, some of the staff felt that under such a tight production budget, completing a film would be rather difficult. Thus they volunteered to help him find several more investors and increased the budget to 5 million. He declined on the spot. "With looser production budget, undoubtedly the production could be more luxurious. However it would need even higher box office to break even. Then my original intent of making a profitable movie would be even harder to achieve."

Wong Ho Yin admitted that at first some investors did not like this "Beauty and the Beast" pairing of Jennifer Yu Heung Ying and Kaki Sham. He then approached a tall and handsome actor but was rejected. Later he found a handsome actor, but not tall. Unfortunately he did not have a driver's license and was unable to make the film. He finally realized that many Hong Kong actors did not have driver's licenses. In addition they did not know anything at all. Thus he could only return to the original idea. "Actually from the ancient to modern times and both China and overseas had many love stories about Beauty and the Beast. In addition Jennifer helped with persuasion, the investor finally accepted Kaki Sham." The five actresses included Jennifer, Hanna Chan, Rachel Leung Yung Ting, Cecilia So Lai Shan and Crystal Cheung Man Ka, Wong Ho Yin knew that they would be able to achieve what he wanted before inviting them. Due to the tight schedule they only had 10 days to shoot, he did not have the time to teach the actors how to act.

Wong Ho Yin only made one film in 4 years, he joked that he wanted to make two a year. He revealed that FAR once applied for assistance from the government, but was neither approved nor declined as it dragged on for over a year. However when big companies applied, they were approved between 3 months to half a year. Did any unfair phenomenon appear? He said, "I wasn't approved for a reason. I can't say whether it was fair or not, making Hong Kong film is like this." He was not afraid of how difficult the journey of getting a movie made has been. He would continue to make movies. Currently he already had four or five subjects on his hands. Once financing has been raised, the production would likely begin within the year.

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