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Aaron Kwok and Sean Lau act in leather jackets in a small plane cockpit, without any air conditioning in the summer heat 

Aaron Kwok not only shoots a deep sea night dive on location, but also additional diving movement scenes on wires
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In the Herman Yau Lai To directed film THE WHITE STORM 3: HEAVEN OR HELL (SO DUK 3: YUN JOI TIN NGAI), three Best Actor Sean Lau Ching Wan, Aaron Kwok Fu Sing and Louis Koo Tin Lok experienced car chases, and stunts in the sky and the sea. Playing a drug lord, Lau Ching Wan in one scene flew a small plane and took to the sky with his subordinate Kwok Fu Sing. Then Sing Sing had a diving scene, personally putting on the wire and floating in mid air for the shoot.

Ching Wan and Sing Sing shot the small plane scene in the heat of the summer, when temperature reached 37 degrees Celsius. They both wore leather jackets and performed in the stuffy small plane cockpit without any air conditioning, an absolute challenge to their ability to withstand the heat. Ching Wan in the film was responsible for flying the small plane, the team also arranged for a professional pilot to instruct by the side. Has he considered learning to fly a plane in real life? Ching Wan said, "I have thought about learning to fly a plane, but I haven't made it happen yet. I would wait until after I retire to learn." An avid auto racing and high speed sports fan, Sing Sing also considered learning to play a plane. Sing Sing said, "I of course would like to fly a plane, in auto racing I met a doctor who knew how to fly a helicopter. Ultimately since it was related to speed, at the time I felt it was very attractive. Thus I started playing a remote controlled helicopters, and computer controlled helicopters." Would he take time for flying lessons? Sing Sing said, "During this period I wouldn't, now I would spend more time on creating, and calligraphy."

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