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Sandra Ng Kwan Yu and MC Cheung Tin Fu earlier appeared at their new film production start ceremony. They would star in new director Ho Miu Kei's film LOVE LIES (NGOR TAM DIK NA CHEUNG LUEN OI). The film was the 6th First Film Initiative project's professional division winner, with famous filmmakers Chan Hing Ka and Janet Chun Siu Chun as the producers.

On the day of the production start the temperature reached 35 degrees Celsius, Kwan Yu and MC both appeared as their characters. In addition guest stars included veteran actor Ng Shui Ting and two new actors Luk Wai Tak and Hui Bo Hang. Kwan Yu this time did not need to play Mama or Auntie like her two previous films. She would appear as a "beauty", play a very fashionable gynecologist. In a peach tee shirt, Kwan Yu even dyed her hair in very eye catching blonde. As for MC he would play an online fraud group's swindler. On this day he appeared without make up and with bangs. Kwan Yu said that MC was young enough to not be afraid of appearing without make up. Kwan Yu also the worship ceremony played with words as she yelled "Tin Fu Bo Yau" (Tin Fu Blessed, which sounds like Heavenly Father Blessed), the atmosphere on the set was rather harmonious. Actually before the production start ceremony Kwan Yu was already familiar with MC. Before taking their marks they had many interactions, putting their arms on each other's shoulders and taking selfies. When asked about working with two fresh meat Edan Lui Cheuk On and MC back to back, Kwan Yu said that she actually was a little fairy, thus working with fresh meat was very reasonable.

Kwan Yu was also excited that finally she was able to return to play a beauty, play a top gynecologist. MC would play an online swindler, pretending to be a middle aged French oil engineer lost his wife in an online scam. Kwan Yu said, "In the film I don't know what he looks like, I fantasize MC's role as George Clooney. Later I discovered that he was MC in reality, which I thought was decent as well." This time Kwan Yu personally recommended MC to the producer for the performance. She admired MC's music video and stage performance very much, and said that many of her female friends were MC fans. Earlier she attended MC's concert, she said, "That day I went to his Hong Kong Coliseum concert. He has a very captivating stage charm. Later I had dinner with him and felt that his entire person was very nature. This film's character had to be him."

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