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Louis Koo has been testing everyday recently

Raymond Lam does not mind getting hurt from fight scenes in order to achieve higher quality

Terrance Lau received many well wishes from friends

Deon Cheung tested positive, sending his film production in a panic
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Artist Deon Cheung Chung Chi earlier announced online that he tested positive for COVID. He just worked on a new film with Louis Koo Tin Lok and Raymond Lam Fung, which led the team into a panic. Koo Tin Lok two nights ago pointed out that he has yet to test positive, while co-star Terrance Lau Chun Him also said that he received a lot of well wishes.

As the fifth wave of the pandemic in Hong Kong erupted, music, television and radio all had infected groups. Two days ago Cheung Chung Chi pointed out that he tested positive for the novel coronavirus. Actually he took part in the Koo Tin Lok and Lam Fung starred film KOWLOON WALLED CITY (GAU LUNG SING JAI WAI SING) and wrapped up his production on the 22nd, only three days from his initial diagnosis. In other words Cheung Chung Chi might have been at work while the virus was in its dormant period. The team was instantly sent into a panic and it worried about a new infected group. The cast and the crew took serious precautions and frequently tested for the virus.

Koo Tin Lo two nights ago said that he was not infected. "Thank you everyone for your concern, because of work I have been testing nonstop recently. All the tests were negative. I wish Chung Chi a speedy recovery and good health for everyone." Lau Chun Him who took part in the film yesterday pointed out that he received well wishes from friends. "First I have to thank them for their concern. We are testing everyday, as for the production I would cooperate with the company's testing process." Chu Pak Hong also took part in the film, but because he did not have too many scenes lately he did not need to return to the set for work. He said, "I still have two more units, but lately I wouldn't need to go back. I haven't been on the set with Cheung Chung Chi, but of course I am worried for them. I now am keeping up with the testing." The film's director Soi Cheang Pou Soi said that the team everyday before work would test, during the shoot all preventive measures would be taken to ensure safety. For now the cast and the crew have been fine and he wished Cheung Chung Chi a speedy recovery.

KOWLOON aside from the Cheung Chung Chi also ran into a lot of obstacles. Since the film paid a lot of attention on its action scenes, it hired Donnie Yen Chi Tan's disciple Kenji Tanigaki to be the action director. Due to how demanding he has been, actors like Lam Fung and Lau Chun Him were bruised all over from the training. Also due to taking too much time to learn the stunts and repeated shoots, the film would have difficult with making its originally scheduled March production wrap date. Everyday they had to shoot overtime to make up. At the peak the cast and the crew went for 22 hours straight, which was rather rare in the film industry. Many crew members complained and called the team the "crew of darkness"! Director Cheang Pou Soi also admitted that they worked a full 22 hours in order to make the wrap date, but it was only for a day or two. Kenji Tanigaki's demands were normal. He thanked the cast for working hard to coordinate. The stunts led to some injuries but nothing major.

Lam Fung talked about getting hurt on the set. "It's inevitable, how can there be no scratches from working on fight scenes? They are normal, the production has been very safe. (Reportedly the shoot has been very demanding and kept have to repeat takes?) No one would be blamed, we are all the same crew. Sometimes we would ask for another take ourselves, we want something with good quality. (You would rather suffer for that?) It's worth it! (Would you be sick of all the fighting?) I enjoy it, if I don't fight I would get restless."

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