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Mui Kai Ming and Mother Mui finally parted over money
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Despite being supported by his mother over her years, Mui Kai Ming insists that he has not done anything wrong.
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Mui Kai Ming says that Mother Mui gets HK$ 250,000 a month for living expense from Anita Mui's will.  She only gives him HK$ 20,000 a month, which he says is not enough to live on.

Currenly living in a nursing home, Mother Mui claims that she never told Mui Kai Ming to sue anyone and has not taken money from anyone

Mui Kai Ming meets the media on the streets of North Point
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Anita Mui Yim Fong's brother Mui Kai Ming had a difference of opinion when he wanted to sue the film company for infringing on his "Mui Yim Fong" trademark, leading to the deterioration of their relationship. Mother Mui angrily condemned Mui Kai Ming for his greed and was even hospitalized from her rage. Mother Mui earlier announced in the newspapers that she would disown her son. Mui Kai Ming yesterday held a press conference to "speak for himself", accusing his mother of accepting money to make him terminate the lawsuit. He even revealed that Mother Mui in Mui Yim Fong's will would received HK$ 250,000 for living expenses every month, from which he would only receive HK$ 20,000. He stated that he definitely would not be grateful. Mui Kai Ming denied that he had a mistress, but boldly declared that he had a "girlfriend".

Mui Kai Ming yesterday held a press conference on the streets of North Point, with almost 30 members of the media covering the event. Due to the severity of the pandemic and the social distancing order, the police came to get an understanding and left. In a mask Mui Kai Ming carried a big stack of document. During the interview he coughed many times, but he claimed that he already had three shots of vaccine and had a rapid test.

Mui Kai Ming mentioned the trigger of "being disowned". "One was the film company's copyright and trademark problem. In 04 I already registered the (Mui Yim Fong) trademark. Under certain condition, did Mama take money from someone? I don't know, at first she was the one who told me to file. Only then did I make this move. After I did you said to cancel it. It's not like you eat when you want to eat, when you don't want to you throw it back out. This is where the problem lies and the trigger to disown me. She was afraid of legal problems. If she hasn't accepted any benefit she wouldn't need to be scared. Actually the lawsuit is in my name, has nothing to do with her. She has no legal responsibility. (Do you suspect that Mama accepted some benefit?) That's right, I have asked her and she said no. She also didn't answer why she wouldn't sue. (Are you upset that Mama backed off in the last second?) You can say that, but you can't blame the elderly. She is almost blind and deaf, maybe someone is using her as a pawn."

Mui Kai Ming insisted on suing the film company. "If the film company intended on handling it, it should've notified me and definitely needed to negotiate with me. If the compensation would just be 1 dollar it would be fine, it has to come out and answer to the public. This is my principle." Currently in financial trouble how would he pay the legal cost? He said, "This is another problem, those without money have their way to sue. Does everyone without money die with grievance, doesn't the law have to be fair?" He showed a lot of documents to the media and revealed that he had another lawsuit on hand in pursuit of several hundred thousand in rent. He only asked Mother Mui to lend him money due to financial problems from being owed money. She was unwilling, so he owed HK$ 100,000 in debt, which was also limited.

Would he negotiate with Mother Mui again? He said, "No matter what, you want to let her loose. She is 98, soon to be 100. However I would die sooner than her. The past half a year has been very tough. I am only half alive. Last night I vomited blood." Mui Kai Ming denied that his mother was hospitalized from him upsetting her. "At the hospital she still stayed in over a thousand square foot suite. She is just hiding. When I called her she didn't pick up. The elderly can be very easily swayed. (Why didn't you listen to Ma and give up the lawsuit?) Of course I didn't, a person has to be straight. There is no reason for me to follow you if you are walking crooked. If anything it's reason over family, different from Ma giving birth to me. (She has helped you for many years!) She has, but I have arms and legs too. I am not grateful, I don't have to be at all." Actually daughter Ah Mui's inheritance supporting Mama was very reasonable, but she did not have the responsibility of supporting her brother too.

In the past Mother Mui has always supported Mui Kai Ming, whether she had to of course it would depend on who you would ask. Mui Kai Ming said, "Do you know how much she gets a month? Every month she gets HK$ 250,000, I only get HK$ 20,000. It's not a problem of the amount. I don't really want to talk about the situation now, it was so long ago. (Ma says you were greedy?) If I was I would have long ago, every month I only went after that HK$ 20,000? She even said that she supported my entire family, do you think I really am handicapped? I have always been working freelance, in construction, renovation, kitchen. (Are you spending a lot?) What can I do with HK$ 20,000. I have to support my child, raise my son. (Your wife says you rarely see your son?) I have to make a living, how else would I be able to raise him."

When asked whether he was spending more from he was keeping a mistress, he immediately said, "Everyone is too sensitive about keeping a mistress, it's not like that at all. Right now people are helping me, I don't need to spend. I am not giving people more, I am not keeping anyone. How can I? She is my girlfriend." When asked whether meeting a girlfriend behind his wife's back was appropriate, he said without any guilt. "Everyone has a girlfriend, my wife and I haven't gotten a divorce. I have a girlfriend, even if my wife wants a divorce I would be fine. (Would this path affect the child?) Absolutely no problem." Mui Kai Ming coughed many times. Was he sick? He said, "I want to die, the reason would be to prove to Ma that I didn't do anything wrong. (Would you like to repair the relationship?) It doesn't matter, who wouldn't. It's not like she has a mountain of gold for me to scheme for." She also said that Mother Mui has already cut off his HK$ 20,000 living expense.

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