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Nicholas Tse will work on a new film about the Customs

Ting Fung ignores warnings, rushes back to Hong Kong before the pandemic eases and begins to prepare for his new film

Playing a blind mother, Kara Wai's superb acting made many viewers cry
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Nicholas Tse Ting Fung's performance in the film RAGING FIRE (NO FOR) has received raves but was unable to net him a Hong Kong Film Award nomination. His manager Mani Fok Man Hei stated that she was surprised and disappointed. Although this year he was destined not to compete for the HKFA Best Actor, Ting Fung still strongly supported Hong Kong film. Earlier he even secretly returned to Hong Kong to prepare for Herman Yau Lai To's new film.

Reportedly two days ago he secreted returned to Hong Kong from Beijing to prepare for the Yau Lai To directed new film. On the day of his return fans even caught him at the Hong Kong airport. Dressed in black and a cap he hurried into a vehicle after exiting the gate and the airport. Due to the raging pandemic in Hong Kong, the crew has urged Ting Fung to return only after the pandemic eased. The film's production start date always went from the end of February to early March. However because Ting Fung this time would also serve as action director, he insisted upon departing as scheduled. After returning to Hong Kong he even immediately met with the crew. The new film's story would be about the Customs. This year's Hong Kong Film Award Best Actress nominee Cya Liu would also participate. Her LIMBO performance has earned her praises as she became hot property in the film industry. Being able to work with the Emperor elder Ting Fung, she naturally grasped the opportunity and actively prepared for the role in order to be at her best when work would start.

Mani replied when asked if Ting Fung would work on Yau Lai To's new film. "Yes, now it's in pre production preparation. However the related detailed would have to wait until the film company's announcement."

Hong Kong Film Awards controversies were not just limited to the Best Actor category. Playing a blind mother in SUNSHINE OF MY LIFE (YUT LO TUNG HUNG), Kara Wai Ying Hung also was not nominated. The former HKFA and Golden Horse Award Best Actress drove many viewers to tears with her eyes and acting. She would have a Best Actress nomination favorite, but in the end she missed out.

In addition, the outside also had questions about the Best New Director and the Best New Performer nominations. The CAUGHT IN TIME (CHUI BO)'s Best New Director nominee Lau Ho Leung was nominated again since TWO THUMBS UP (CHUNG FUNG CHE) in the same category, but actually the upper limit for nominees was two films. Thus Lau Ho Leung met the criteria. As for Will Or Wai Lam, how was he able to vie for the Best New Performer despite participating in WEEDS ON FIRE (DIM NG BO) and NO. 1 CHUNG YING STREET? According to the qualification, the nominee would be eligible if her or she has never participated in a lead or supporting role. Thus he also met the criteria.

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