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Peter Chan and Ivana Wong play a couple in TABLE FOR SIX.  They already spark off a lot of spark despite it being their first collaboration.
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Ivana Wong (right) jokes that she wants to dance to lose weight, s she is envious how co-star Peter Chan can eat all he wants without getting fat.

Dayo Wong plays the big brother in TABLE FOR SIX
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Ivana Wong Yuen Chi and Peter Chan Charm Man in the new film TABLE FOR SIX (FAN HEI GUNG SUM) played a couple who has been dating for years. Among their co-stars were Dayo Wong Tze Wa and Louis Cheung Kai Chung. Being able to work with Wong Tze Wa, both were very excited. They praised Tze Wa for being full of presence, on the first day of work he already set the tone for the entire production. Wong Yuen Chi said, "If Tze Wa wants people to be afraid, our entire production would have watched our every step. Thus from the beginning he released the feeling of 'everyone is welcomed to play', then everyone relaxed, would become carefree and improvise, and release everything."

Were they able to follow Tze Wa's improvisation? Chan Charm Man said that they probably were. Even if they were not, Tze Wa would save them. He also said that in comparison to Wong Yuen Chi, Cheung Kai Chung, Stephy Tang Lai Yan and others, he did not have much acting experience. Thus when he started he felt very nervous. Actually the Performing Arts Academy graduate was full of stage experience. No wonder Wong Yuen Chi joked that he was being too humble. Chan Charm Man replied, "When you started I was still at school, my experience wouldn't be as rich as yours. So I am a little afraid. However fear is a type of motivation, the best was that everyone were very willing to play together and setting off a lot of spark."

Wong Yuen Chi in the film was a kitchen goddess. Because her family operated a catering business, she was raised to inherit the family business as well as her Mama and Grandma's tough personality -- feeling that cooking a good meal was her duty. She said that in real life it would not be difficult for her to cook a meal, but whether it would be delicious or not to each its own. She also said that she was not a "no rice" housewife, occasionally she would cook. "I wouldn't always cook, my husband hasn't asked for that. However if I haven't cooked for while I would feel a little guilty. I would be alert myself. After too many days of take out it would be time to do something. However I would just cook one dish nd rice. This has become something that I like to do recently. I feel instead of cooking several dishes that some would be cooked well and some not, I might as well put all my effort into making one good dish then finishing it." Chan Charm Man said that girls who knew how to cook would absolutely get more points. His wife is also a great cook.

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