Tuesday, January 30, 2024


Stephy Tang, Jeffrey Ngai, Simon Yam
courtesy of on.cc

Best Actor Simon Yam Tat Wa recently has been working with Stephy Tang Lai Yun and Jeffrey Ngai Chun Sun on the film LITTLE RED SWEET (HUNG DAU). The production process has been rather pleasant. Stephy earlier posted production wrap photos on social media and said that the cast and the crew were reluctant to part. Yam Tat Wa even stated, "I haven't been this happy from making a movie, it really is just as sweet as the film's theme dessert red bean soup!"

Playing the "Chaozhou mad man" Yam Tat Wa in the film, Yam Tat Wa not only doted on "daughter" Stephy but also praised "son" Jeffrey. "I call him 'smart boy', he really can finish your sentence for you. I feel he has great potential for success in this business!" Reportedly the film has yet to set a release date, but would target various international film festivals; the film hoped through festivals to introduce the authentic Hong Kong culture to different regions.

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