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Bona chief Yu Dong, Chinese Film Bureau's Zhou Jiandong, Chinese navy's Xia Ping, Emperor group chief Albert Yeung

Dante Lam and Zhang Hanyu
Dante Lam personally takes up arms with his cast
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The first movie to fully display the modern Chinese navy, OPERATION RED SEA yesterday held its first press conference and production close ceremony at a Guangdong naval base. Emperor Motion Picture chief Albert Yeung Sau Sing and Bona film group chief Yu Dong attended with director Dante Lam Chiu Yin and the entire cast including Zhang Hanyu, Zhang Yi, Du Jiang, Huang Jingyu, Wang Qiang, Jiang Luxia, In Fun, Damon Guo Jiahao, Wang Yutian, Henry Mak, Huo Siyan to promote in front of a Chinese battleship.

OPERATOIN RED SEA's backdrop will be the "Chinese evacuation of Yemen" and shoot in Morocco. In it the Chinese naval strike team was ordered to evacuate the Chinese as the team divided into two for the rescue; at the same time, terrorist leaders was planning illegal operation and the strike team must stop it.

Emperor chief Yeung Sau Sing said, "We are very happy to participate in the investment of the first modern Chinese navy film. We are honored to have the navy and the marine members at today's production close ceremony. The film production has been very highly difficult. I am happy for director Lam Chiu Yin and the actors for finally completing it. After working with Director Lam for years, his professionalism and abilities are beyond any doubt. I believe he can certainly create intense and exciting scenes to bring a different experience to the audience."

Yu Dong said, "The production pressure is enormous, but every one of us is very excited to have the chance to make such a large scale navy film. During the preparation stages, we already thought of what each scene should look like."

Director Lam Chiu Yin said, "To be able to make this military movie that displays the navy's strength, I have to thank boss Yu Dong's invitation once again and boss Yeung's protection. After the production ended the first thing that Leung Fung Ying and I will do after returning to Hong Kong is to set an appointment with a psychiatrist, because the production pressure is too much. I hope the audience will be able to sense the team's hard work on the silver screen. I hope after the audience and the navy watched OPERATION RED SEA they would feel proud and fall in love with our beloved navy." The tough captain of OPERATION MEKONG made a surprise appearance. In the film he made a special appearance. He said, "Earlier I have played many soldiers. This is my first time playing a naval officer. I am very honored. I hope this movie brings the audience a full display of the Chinese navy glory. I want to thank director Lam Chiu Yin for giving me another chance to play my beloved soldier role."

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