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Louis Cheung and Joyce Cheng got physical at the first day of work
BabyJohn Choi and Eva Chan
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Louis Cheung Kai Chung, Joyce Cheng Yun Yi, BabyJohn Choi Hong Yik and Eva Chan Sze Wai earlier promoted their film THE SINKING CITY: CAPSULE ODYSSEY (SAI FONG GIK LOK: TAI BAU, TAI JI, TAI HUNG CHONG). Playing someone rich, Chan Sze Wai wanted to experience the life of the ordinary and worked different jobs. She said that the most memorable was the check in clerk. "In one scene Ah Chung and Yun Yi got upset over the lack of vacancy. Ah Chung picked up a candle and blew it toward me, but the wax went on my chest!" Ah Chung joked that it was the first time he tried dropping wax, at the time he felt sorry. Did he try it normally? He said, "I blew out candles when I was little, how we played was worse than you think!"

Ah Chung said that in the film he and Yun Yi due to housing problems had no place to be romantic. So they went to a couples theme room. He even converted a truck into a room. "On the first day of work Yun Yi and I worked on an intimate scene in the car. We didn't communicate before hand, as soon as we arrived we made out. It's pretty fun." He also praised Yun Yi for her professionalism, but Yun Yi complained that Ah Chung constantly improvised and made her laugh. Ah Chung revealed that adding to the animal instincts during the kiss scene, when they got intimate he made Yun Yi call him the wedge and the mole.

Ah Chung and BabyJohn both worked with Yun Yi on kiss scenes. Who was a better kisser? Yun Yi said, "You can't compare like that, the situations are different." Yet BabyJohn praised tha she was a great kisser.

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