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Eric Tsang Chi wai has been working hard in the Hong Kong film industry for decades. His contributions has been recognized in the industry. Lately Chi Wai even broke out of Hong Kong and became internationally renowned as he repeatedly won awards overseas. On the 12th he received the New York Asian Film Festival Lifetime Achievement Award at the Lincoln Center in New York for his contributions to the Hong Kong film industry.

When Tsang Chi Wai received the award he immediately kissed it and gave a victory sign. Chi Wai said, "After winning this award, I feel that my over 40 years of effort has not been wasted. I am very happy to receive everyone's recognition, which to me is a tremendous encouragement. Actually no one would mind having too many awards, but the most important in the future is still to keep doing a little more for the film industry, train even more new directors and talent."

The New York Asian Film Festival gave a detailed look into Chi Wai's background, from starting in soccer with his father to joining the film industry with Master Lau Ka Leung in the 70s. He started as a stunt man, worked as a screen writer, actor, director and producer, starred in over 200 films and won the Hong Kong Film Award Best Actor with ALAN AND ERIC: BETWEEN HELLO AND GOODBYE. The event's brief introduction also mentioned that Chi Wai over the years has lent a hand to cultivate on and off screen new blood. In 2003 when the Hong Kong film industry fell into a depression, only produced 40 some films a years, and even ran into "SARS", Chi Wai still kept using new directors and came up with different fresh ideas to create films. The event's focus this time was to recognize this producer who has always given his all to cultivate film industry new blood for his contributions to Hong Kong film culture. The award was not just for his cute and funny smile but also for being a filmmaker with heart and soul. Thus the festival presented the "Lifetime Achievement Award" to him for his contributions to Hong Kong film industry and on and off camera.

In addition, the festival's "Hong Kong Panorama" would display the latest and classic Hong Kong films at the Lincoln Center and the New York Visual Art School theater until July 16th. Three latest Hong Kong films with North American premieres would be DEALER/HEALER, WITH PRISONERS and ZOMBIOLOGY: ENJOY YOURSELF TONIGHT. Two other films would make their New York premieres, including VAMPIRE CLEAN UP DEPARTMENT and the Wong Chun directed, Florence Chan Chor Hung written, Tsang Chi Wai starred and produced with Heiward Mak Hei Yan MAD WORLD (YUT LIM MO MING).

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