Sunday, July 23, 2017


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Director Giddens Ko leads his new film MON MON MON MONSTER stars Deng Yu-Kai, Eugenie Liu and Kent Tsai to the Hong Kong premiere
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YOU ARE THE APPLE OF MY EYE's Giddens Ko yesterday came to Hong Kong for his new film MON MON MON MONSTER's premiere, 3 key actors Eugenie Liu, Kent Tsai and Deng Yu-Kai attended.

The film received a category III rating. Giddens Ko was not worried that it would affect the box office. He said, "Each place has its own laws, Taiwan's is above 15, Singapore's is above 16. Actually those scenes aren't what I wanted to express the most, so no one need to be afraid. They can go to the movies and watch." As for his confidence of breaking YOU's Hong Kong box office record, Giddens Ko said, "I feel that YOU is a miracle, but because Hong Kong people loved YOU I chose Hong Kong to be its first world premiere city to thank Hong Kong in return."

Eugenie Liu earlier announced on social media that she was dating Sammo Hung Kam Bo's second son Jimmy Hung Tin Cheung. She said, "Publicizing the romance instead made me lighter. In addition we met in this film. He was the action director, but during the shoot we were really just very good friends. (Did Hung Tin Cheung take special care of you?) No, he was very focused on the safety of everyone. Because I played the monster, I was on the wall for a period of time without shoes or underwear. I was very exposed and could be hurt very easily, so he was worried that I would be injured. However he worked seriously, the director could be the witness. We didn't get together until after the movie was done." Has she met Hung Kam Bo? Eugenie said that they brushed by each other once, and he gave her quite an idol impression. Did she ask her boyfriend for a dinner to meet the parents? She bashfully said, "That would be a little embarrassing, we just started. We have to get to know each other a little more first."

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