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Giddens Ko cares more about MON MON MON MONSTER's word of mouth than box office
Kent Tsai, Eugenie Liu, Carolyn Chen and Deng Yu-Kai
Some in Taiwan media compares MON MON MON MONSTER to TRAIN TO BUSAN
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Taiwan director Giddens Ko promoted his new film MON MON MON MONSTER! Earlier he led actors Eugenie Liu, Kent Tsai, Deng Yu-Kai, and Carolyn Chen to Hong Kong. Giddens Ko said that six years ago YOU ARE THE APPLE OF MY EYE made HK$ 61.85 million and set a highest grossing Chinese film box office record in Hong Kong. Instead this time he only asked to break even and not to disappoint his supporters. The pressure for him was not with the box office but with making a rotten film. He said, "After making a rotten film how can I dare to watch the premiere with the actors?"

Playing the monster in the film, Eugenie Liu recalled the pain of the production. Everyday before work she had to spend two hours in make up, after putting on the special contact lenses her vision became blurry. Her costume was so tight that she could not move. After meals she felt sick, and she had skin reaction. She said, "However, thanks to this look I was able to get into character."

Has she thought about becoming a goddess like YOU's Michelle Chen? Eugenie Liu said that she was afraid of comparison. If she was able to become the goddess among monsters then she would be fine. She said, "When I look into the mirror after I change into my costume, I scream from scaring myself. The director says that the monster looks better than the real me. Ko Chen-Tung said that he felt very sick from looking at me. I would take my revenge in the next movie!"

Kent Tsai said that he was shy, so playing a bully was difficult. Playing the teacher, Carolyn Chen said that slapping a student was the most memorable. Because the director asked for a real hit, after work she saw Deng Yu-Kai's mouth was swollen from all the slaps. Deng said, "I have a lot of fun from the performance, during the shoot I was reminded of thugs grabbing me by the collar when I was younger."

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