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Sammo Hung receives the Hong Kong Film Awards Lifetime Achievement Award for his contribution to promote Hong Kong martial art action films

Sammo Hung's Hong Kong film career spans over 60 years, aside from actor turned director, he is also a producer and an action director 

Film costume manager Tong Ping would receive the Professional Spirit Award
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The Hong Kong Film Awards in honor of outstanding filmmakers who hve made excellent contributions to the Hong Kong film industry over the years has set up a master class honor the "Lifetime Achievement Award" and the "Professional Spirit Award". The event yesterday announced that Sammo Hung Kam Bo, whose career has span over 60 years in the Hong Kong film industry, as the recipient of this year's Hong Kong Film Awards "Lifetime Achievement Award" and Tong Ping, whose has worked as a film costume manager for over 40 years, as the recipient of the "Professional Spirit Award".

The Hong Kong Film Awards Association chair Derek Yee Tung Sing on behalf of the Board of Directors congratulated Hung Kam Bo and Tong Ping, sincerely saluting Mr. Hung's contributions in leading and promoting Hong Kong martial art action films and Ms. Tong's professionalism of focusing on Hong Kong film behind the scene work.

Hung Kam Bo is a film producer, director, action director and actor. With over 60 years in the Hong Kong film industry, he proclaims that film has given him everything he has now and describes his deep love for film with "I love you". In 1977, he with his original name Hung Kam Bo directed for the first time and starred in THE IRON FISTED MONK and blazed the trail for comedy kung fu films. Later his 1978 release ENTER THE FAT DRAGON even made Hung Kam Bo a kung fu comedy star with an unique image. As for on screen performance, with his versatile acting Hung Kam Bo with the 1982 release CARRY ON PICKPOCKET won the 2nd Hong Kong Film Awards Best Actor. 6 years later in PAINTED FACES (1988) he played the Yu Jim Yuen based Beijing Operas master and again won Best Actor. Stepping into the millennium, he served as action director for IP MAN (2008) and IP MAN 2 (2010) and still innovating despite working on the subject of Wing Chun again. He also added two Hong Kong Film Awards Best Action Choreography Awards after the one for THE PRODIGAL SON (1981). Along with PARADOX (SAT POR LONG TAM LONG) (2017) later Hung Kam Bo has won the Hong Kong Film Awards Best Action Choreography four times.

Hung Kam Bo's films with its unique martial art style and agile action have won him the love and appreciation of viewers around the world. Hong Kong martial art action films have become popular around the world since the 80s, Kam Hung Bo's contribution could not be overlooked. Hung Kam Bo with his versatility and never tiring spirit led and promote Hong Kong action film development and made him one of the most influential figures in the Hong Kong film industry and won him the nickname of the film industry's "Big Brother Big".

Called "Sister Ping" by many, Tong Ping has been the film costume manager. She originally worked in the garment industry, at age 27 she joined Hong Kong film production teams behind the scenes, has worked for over 43 years and participated in over 400 films. Rich in experience, Sister Ping has already been used to "make sharp turns" with her mind. Yet to mention retirement, her Hong Kong Film Award "Professional Spirit Award" would be encouragement for her continuing persistence and effort to do each film's costume work well.

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