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Jasper Liu greets fans in Cantonese at an AS IT BURNS audience appreciation event
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Taiwan actor Jasper Liu yesterday went to the cinema for his film AS IT BURNS (BAK SAU YU FUN)'s audience appreciation event. When he entered the cinema viewers already applauded to welcome him. He waved to the audience and greeted in Cantonese, "How are you everyone, I am Jasper Liu."

During the audience appreciation event viewers asked Jasper Liu questions, what was memorable for him during the production. Jasper Liu said, "Before the first scene I had to eat egg rolls, but Tang Lai Yan and I ended up with crumbs all over our heads and spent a very long time on cleaning up." Jasper Liu also said that he has never come in contact with this type of film character, and he did not what the audience to guess the ending too early. Thus as the shoot went on he kept discussing the details with the director, so he had an even better grasp of the character. A viewer asked him how he got to be so handsome, Jasper Lu thanked everyone for the compliment and said that he would try to stay happy. He would not think too much to ruin his mood either. Of course he also had to thank his parents for blessing him with this appearance.

Although it was not his first trip to Hong Kong, Jasper Liu was still very nervous because he has not seen the Hong Kong audience in awhile. He also joked that yesterday he felt lonely because he was the only one at the audience appreciation event. He knew that the director and other actors were all at work. "They have made recommendation on what I should try, I have had buttered pineapple bun, French toast, soy sauce and others and everything were very delicious." Jasper Liu said that he had a good impression of Hong Kong girls, and praised Stephy for being tender and smart. What was he looking for in a mate? He said, "I like girls who likes both being active and peaceful. When she wants to be peaceful she would be, but I myself also like sports and go skiing, to be able to find a person to have fun with would be decent too."

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