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Ian Chan and Lokman Yeung attend an audience appreciation event
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Ian Chan is concerned that fans would be too tired from rushing around for MIRROR audience appreciation events
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Ian Chan and Lokman Yeung in 5 minutes play games with fans, answer questions and pose for a group photo at an audience appreciation event

Teresa Mo (right) praises Edan Lui for being mischievous and cute in the film, as well as being very agile
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Popular guy group MIRROR recently has been busy with their concert tour and promoting their film WE 12 (12 GWAI DOH). With the film's release, the 12 yesterday divided up for audience appreciation events at each district. Lokman Yeung and Ian Chan Cheuk Yin appeared at Hong Kong Island cinemas. Their appearance immediately led to fan screams.

Lokman pointed out that the first of audience appreciation felt both happy and interesting. "We have talked about this movie with all of us for so long, it is finally made and now finally born for everyone to see." Ian worried that fans would be too rushed and tired. The two later played games with fans and gave away autograph posters. A fan asked which costume was Lokman's favorite? He immediately asked the fan and the fan liked his explosive look. He said, "Then the explosive look! The dirtiest and the greasiest." Ian was asked which character he would like to try in the film? He stated that he wanted to play actor Yeung Wai Lun's character Johnny. "I feel it has a lot of potential, and would be a lot of fun." They stayed for around 5 minutes before continuing on to the next event, as they left they waved to the fans.

In addition, MIRROR would perform two concerts on May 17 and 18 on Macau after their 6 stop North American concert tour. On April 28 and May 1 they would perform in Malaysia and Singapore.

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