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Michelle Wai remembers her first role was already the lead, but after she kept playing big support roles; for awhile she did not even have any movie to make at all
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With 16 years in the business, Michelle Wai Sze Nga this year with READY O/R ROT (BUT YUT SING FUN 2) received her first Hong Kong Film Awards "Best Actress" nomination. Recently on a radio program she shared her rises and falls in her 16 years in the film industry. She even revealed that her manager Mani Fok originally discovered her to make her into a singer. She also personally explained the reason of working with numerous gods in the business over the years but never setting off romantic spark.

Wai Sze Nga shared her experience of singing audition. "at first I was asked to be a singer, because the audition process was too horrifying I didn't become a singer. The first time I went into the recording studio, I had to put on headphones to listen to myself sing, but when I heard my own sing I immediately went to the throw up in the bathroom. Then everyone no longer had any hope of my singing anymore." As soon as Wai Sze Nga stepped foot in the film industry Emperor made her the lead actress. "At the time I didn't know how to think, I thought everyone would be the lead actress as soon as they got into the business. Looking back now, I realized that the opportunity at the time was very rare. Back then when I promoted HAPPILY EVER AFTER (HUNG SEUNG WOR NEI JOI YUT HEI) 
with (Ken) Hung Cheuk Lap and (Carlos) Chan Ka Lok, Ka Lok told me he was very unhappy. He felt that at every interview almost no one cared about him, but I just got into the business so I didn't notice these details. I didn't understand how he felt. However after so many years, I understood it really was very hard to take because I too have experienced a lot. The most sentimental was three or four years after getting into the business, sometimes I would return to play big support roles. Even the lady at catering didn't put my name on the drinking cup. For a long time no one offered me any movie. I would really question myself, but I also really liked to act so I took the initiative to fight for opportunities."

Having worked with different gods but always had zero rumor, Wai Sze Nga joked, "My biggest rumor is no rumor, the biggest news is no news! Actually I don't know why, I too want to create some rumors! During the shoot I have had real feelings, but I very quickly and very clearly pulled out of the emotions." She also explained the reason that she never had fantasies about gods in the business. "This business has too many pretty people, maybe I have filtered the pretty part so I wouldn't feel they are particularly attractive. I can't be attracted with appearance. When I get along with industry insiders I have no ambiguity at all, personally I no longer have a lot of interest in industry insiders; my ideal companion is an industry outsider because I don't want our topics to be the same. I want to get to know this world from the other person, I want to know about other businesses."

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