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Keung To is jealous of the shape Stanley Yau is in, while Jeremy Lee jokes that he can be their "matchamker".

Frankie Chan and Anson Lo appears at the movies 

Edan Lui, Alton Wong and Anson Kong

Tiger Yau, Jer Lau and Anson Lo
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Keung To, Stanley Yau and Jeremy Lee meet the audience first

Frankie Chan and Anson Lo answer all questions from the audience
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Anson Lo, Jer Lau and Tiger Yau share their experience with their fans

On opening day, GODZILL X KING KONG NEW EMPIRE is in first place, WE 12 second, and KUNG FU PANDA 4 third
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MIRROR's first all members starring film WE 12 (12 GWAI DOH) opened two days ago. The 12 stormed the Easter holiday slot and divided up the team for 5 days of audience appreciation events to pump up the box office at over 400 shows. Films opening two days ago GODZILLA X KONG: NEW EMPIRE and KUNG FU PANDA 4 provided strong competition, the former led with HK$ 2.3 million on the single day, WE 12 came in second with 1.7 million and KUNG FU PANDA 4 rounded out the top three with 800,000.

Guy group MIRROR two days ago began to attend audience appreciation events at cinemas in different districts. Members Keung To, Jeremy Lee Chun Kit and Stanley Yau Si Chun yesterday appeared at a cinema in Kowloon. Speaking of the most memorable moments, Stanley said that at the premiere Easter egg viewing he saw Keung To's ice bucket turning scene for the first time. At first he thought it was computer generated effect, he did not expect that someone was turning it. Keung To said, "I originally want to tell you about this, it's my part." Later he mentioned the motorcycle scene. "I thought I really had to ride the motorcycle, who knew we actually had a double." Stanley joked that if he rode it "the motorcycle owner would be even more scared!" Jeremy said that the mosquito eradication curse was the most memorable because it was very hard to remember. "In the end I had 3 or 4 bad takes but Jer had 14 bad takes. Usually remembering choreography isn't hard for me, but I have a very hard time with memorizing lyrics. This time I spent a lot of time on just memorizing the line, so it was very stressful."

During the fan interaction segment, a viewer asked how to catch the 12 kaito? Keung To rushed to answer, "Money! Open a company and sign us all!" Stanley added, "In other words Lo Ting Fai could be the film's Johnny character." They were asked what characters would they want to play if they would work together on another film. Jeremy suggested for them to get married and he could be the officiant. Keung To immediately held Stanley's hand and Stanley looked very helpless. Then he seriously said that he would play Keung To. "I want to know what it feels like to have so much in life, he has both fame and fortune while I only have fame and no fortune." Keung To even felt Stanley's abdominal muscles and said that he would like to experience the feeling of waking up every morning to see that he was full of muscles.

At the Kowloon Bay stop, members Anson Lo Hon Ting, Tiger Yau Ngor Yin and Jer Lau Ying Ting appeared as a big group of "Disciples" held up signs in support. Jer said that this was the first movie, he hoped later they would have a second, a third one, that they would be better and better, even be able to shoot in Europe and made "special agent movies" like Tom Cruise. He even suggested for Anson Lo to jump off a bus next time. Anson Lo joked that he did not know that he has become an action actor and thanked everyone for supporting WE 12. "Because this absolutely is a milestone for MIRROR members and a very important project for the company, so having everyone's support is very important. I hope aside from supporting us, after watching this movie everyone would have a relaxed atmosphere to bring home and be able to temporarily forget all the little troubles of life."

The lip reader in the film, Tiger pointed out that the eyes were very important during the shoot. Because he had to be able to see the enemies' lips, he normally would try to look at something a little farther. It was helpful to lip reading. Jer who had to keep changing disguises asked Anson Lo to wear his bowl cut wig as he wanted to see what he would look like. Anson Lo said that in earlier movies I have tried it. This time he had to train his agility. "The learning process was the biggest challenge, like people say you learn from doing because you wouldn't learn until the shoot for most of the scenes. This time challenging myself to remember the action was just like remembering the choreography. Everything tested the memory. I was able to tough out such complicated shoots thanks to the action coordinators."

At the Mongkok stop, Anson Kong Yip Sun, Edan Lui Cheuk On and Alton Wong Chi Tak made an appearance. Edan asked everyone to pay attention to their very cool appearance and he final scene because the action was very cool. Alton joked, "While watching the fight aside from watching the focus, actually the sides are very entertaining too. We have watched it several times and saw some interesting spots. You can see why I would lose my windbreaker in the middle of the fight." As for Edan he stated that with an ideal box office performance, they could hold a "MIRROR fan games" as fans would compete while the 12 of them would cheer from the sidelines.

Anson Lo Hon Ting and Frankie Chan Shui Fai two nights ago attended a WE 12 audience appreciation event. AL revealed that the shoot was very chaotic. Because each member was shot separately, everyone was very curious about the final version. Even he only saw the near finished product a month ago and said that the teammates' reactions were just like the audience's with thrills and chills galore.

Two lucky fans were selected for the question and answer segment. Speaking of Frankie's final flip scene, he revealed that he personally performed the stunt but by the fourth take he already kicked through the wall. He also said that he has done similar stunts before so it was not too difficult. AL was asked whether he liked to be called "Ah Lo" or "Lo Lo Pig". He joked, "In the film I would like to be called Ah Lo, I believe the character would want to be fast, light and more efficient. I myself like to be called 'Lo Lo Pig' or Lo Hon Ting." When asked if the infrared ray dodging scene in the film was shot on an actual location? He said that it was. The audience asked him for a live demonstration, but he smiled and declined, "I can't demonstrate it, it was an actual location!" He also said that during the shoot there were few infrared rays, some of them were added in post production.

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