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Jeremy Lee, Keung To, Stanley Yau

Lokman Yeung, Frankie Chan, Ian Chan
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Ian Chan smiles throughout the audience appreciation event
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Jeremy Lee cannot even take a step with all the fans, later he yells "Can you make way?"

Ian Chan, Frankie Chan and Lokman Yeung invites a child from the audience to say "We are MIRROR" with them
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With the popularity of MIRROR, wherever members went would be full of fans. Originally it would be something to be happy about, but it also brought many problems. Aside from public event supports, some MIRROR fans even tightly followed them on non public trips as "private chase" issues have been growing in severity. After member Anson Lo earlier while working on a movie attracted a large of fans and even hindered production, another member Jeremy also went into a rage over "private chase" fans.

The MIRROR starred new film WE 12 (12 GWAI DOH) was recently released. Its 12 members divided into teams for audience appreciation events at the movies. Someone online caught "popularity king" Keung To with Jeremy and Stanley while leaving were chased by a large group of fans from the cinema to the parking lot. When the trio went to their vehicle, fans crowded them so tightly that they could not move an inch. Although the staff urged, "don't crowd, make room" they were not successful. In the video Jeremy who was in the lead began to get upset, behind him Stanley was even forced to the side of the vehicle. Jeremy before getting into the vehicle could not help but look back and roared. "Can you make way!" The scene went dead silent as the staff immediately patted him on the shoulder to comfort him.

The video led to passionate discussions online, many fans said that they have never seen Jeremy throw a tantrum. They praised him for being tender and tolerate normally, a man of few words as they strongly supported him that he "yelled' because he was making way for Keung To behind him. They felt that if he did not speak up, he would only encourage even more fans to appear and legitimize "private chase" behavior. They also pointed out that parking lot had vehicular traffic and could easily become dangerous; however, some also felt that fans chasing stars were understandable, and declared that Jeremy has ruined his nice guy setting.

In addition, members Ian Chan Cheuk Yin, Lokman Yeung and Frankie Chan Shui Fai two nights ago took the baton for audience appreciation events. In the film Lokman had many action scenes. With his taekwondo background he felt that it greatly helped the production, the action coordinators even arranged many kicks for him. "However I haven't practiced for too long, I could only do it with brute force and the control wasn't too good. I was very afraid of kicking the martial art masters." He said that while practicing he kicked through a wall. After repairs Frankie then kicked through it. Ian had car chase scenes. He said that they were different from everyday driving, during the shoot the two cars were very close. Aside from paying attention to the speed, he also had to maintain the same pace and needed very high level of focus.

During the question and answer segment, a boy asked how to become the 13th member of MIRROR? Lokman asked him to the stage, and the boy said with the three, "How are you everyone, we are MIRROR". Later the boy said he was happy times 100, but when Lokman asked him whether he would like to hug Ian, he was only willing to shake hands. How would he use the lock picking skills if he would have them in real life? Lokman joked, "I don't know how to pick the heart lock; even actually I still wouldn't know how to open it, so I haven't." Frankie said that if he had sixth sense, he would probably play the lottery.

MIRROR's hard work on audience appreciation has been rewards as the film not only became the Easter holiday opening day box office champion, but also exceeded HK$ 5 million after 3 days in a decent showing. Edan Lui Cheuk On two nights ago revealed the good news on social media. "I just got the good news, after 2 days in release the movie has already passed HK$ 5 million! We are truly too sharp! Thank you everyone for being so supportive. Coming up we would have to fly for half a month, we should properly take advantage of the opportunities to meet these few days!"

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