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Clifton Ko says that Leslie Cheung was being sarcastic about his lower pay
Maggie Cheung is only willing to wear this costume thanks to Leslie Cheung's convincing.
Raymond Wong invited Leslie Cheung and Stephen Chow to star in ALL'S WELL END WELL
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Director Clifton Ko Chi Sum directed ALL'S WELL ENDS WELL (GA YAU HEI SI) 24 years ago, which still felt like yesterday for him. He revealed that back then he spent HK$ 3 million to lure Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing into a "comeback". Gor Gor even graciously said that he would only pocket 2.95 million. After that he was afraid that Gor Gor would learn that Stephen Chow Sing Chi was paid HK$ 8 million. In the end on the day of the production wrap because Chow Sing Chi had his mind of having abalone, Gor Gor blasted, "The 8 million one still hasn't taken his place yet."

Cheung Kwok Wing back then announced his retirement from show business and immigrated to Canada, but he could not withstand Ko Chi Sum's convincing as he returned to make ALL'S. The film set an almost HK$ 50 million box office record. The film recently released an extended version for a share of the Year of the Monkey Lunar New Year film slot. Reportedly Gor Gor's salary was lower than Chow Sing Chi's by more than a half. "Originally it was (Raymond) Wong Pak Ming and (George) Lam Chi Cheung with Gor Gor, but Lam Chi Cheung resigned for family reason. Finally Wong Pak Ming spent 8 million for Chow Sing Chi to take over. He told me to convince Gor Gor for less than 3 million. Gor Gor not only agreed but also told him that he would only take 2.95 million. The remaining 50,000 was a show of respect for you. When I found out how far apart the two superstars' salaries were, I was afraid that Gor Gor would act up. At work I was worried that I wouldn't hear the end of it. Yet I never did until the day of the production wrap when Chow Sing Chi did not take his part because he was having abalone. Gor Gor finally said, "'The 8 million one still hasn't taken his place.'"

Back then for the Korean market, Gor Gor made a gun fight scene that was never seen in Hong Kong until the extended version. Director Ko said, "I watched this scene for the first time several days ago myself. Back then the action director shot it. Because of the shocking 'film robbery case' I was editing the film with 3 police officers by my side. Those 3 were probably ALL'S first viewers. They laughed out loud as they watched."

Director Ko also praised Gor Gor's performance for being worth more than 2.95 million. "That day I went to the movies to watch the extended version, the chemical reaction between Gor Gor and (Teresa) Mo Shun Kwan made the audience laugh non stop. The reaction was better than back then."

The film's producer Wong Pak Ming also praised Gor Gor as the soul of the production. "I remember Cheung Man Yuk had an Aphrodite A missile look. When she got to the set she actually refused to wear the costume. As everyone was frantic, Gor Gor told me, 'Let me take care of it!' Finally he settled the matter. No one could say anything bad about Gor Gor, he was both generous and friendly."

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