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Stephen Chow cares the most about whether the audience likes his film or not
MERMAID by day 5 reaches 1.1 billion RMB
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The Stephen Chow Sing Chi directed and produced Lunar New Year film MERMAID (MEI YUN YU) since its Lunar New Year's Day release has been on top of the Mainland and Hong Kong Lunar New Year Chinese film charts. At the same time it also broke the Chinese film opening day box office record. As of two days ago (on the 11th) its Hong Kong cumulative box office was HK$ 16,639,720. In the Mainland it even broke 1 billion RMB in 92 hours. Sing Yeh not only thanked the audience but he was also the most touched that he was able to through this love story make everyone understand the importance of environmental protection.

Sing Yeh admitted that a comedy that truly makes the audience laugh was not easy to make. When he made each film he cared the most about whether the audience would like it or not. The audience had to like it for it to perform well at the box office. He said, "You don't have to think about the box office. As long as the audience likes it it is good. The audience is the most important. (Which is the most beautiful love story and your favorite fairy tale?) Hahaha, didn't I just make it? For now MERMAID's love and fairy tale performance are already very appropriate."

MERMAID's final trailer stressed environmental protection, which surprised many people online as the love story brought out a touching message. Sing Yeh proudly said, "Environmental protection is a very basic condition of human existence. As the film says, 'When the world runs out its last drop of clean water and last breath of clean air, how much is money worth then?' Environmental protection is so important to every one of us. I really like to put this theme into this film."

Sing Yeh also praised Sing girl Jelly Lin Yun by name. "Lin Yun as a new comer plays a mermaid, during which she has many complicated changes. I feel that it really isn't easy for isn't easy for me either. For her to be able to give such a performance, I really feel very proud. Actually it isn't easy for Deng Chao either. Law Chi Cheung (Show Lo) and Zhang Yuqi (Kitty) were also great. They have achieved the required effect. I truly have no regret about this film."

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