Monday, February 8, 2016


The explosion is so real on the Lambeth Bridge that some mistake it for a real attack
The explosion blows the roof off the bus
After the explosion the remains of the bus resemble the 2005 attack on London
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International film star Jackie Chan and former "James Bond" Pierce Brosnan starred Hollywood action thriller THE FOREIGNER is heating in production in London. The film shot an explosion scene that some mistook for a terrorist attack and called the police about it.

The film three days ago blew up a double deck bus on the Lambeth Bridge over the Thames in the center of London. Many did not know that a film production was taking and thought a terrorist attack has taken place. The police received two reports and later immediately clarified that it was a false alarm.

During the scene Jackie Chan was on the set; THE FOREIGNER's producer later said that before the shoot the production has already notified the residents and put up notices. At the same time they used warning signs. However some still felt upset and complained to the government.

The London authorities said that the Lambeth Bridge was already closed before the shoot and the fire department was present in case of any accident. Jackie Chan said, "Before the shoot roadblocks were set up and notices were posted to inform everyone. When I learned that people mistook its for a terrorist attack I was surprised too!" The production applied for the explosion for half a year before approval. Now it still has several explosion scenes and the production is estimated to finish by mid March.

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