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Karena Lam's crying scares Catherine Chau
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Jacky Cheung and Anthony Wong
Karena Lam participates in the film's casting
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The Jacky Cheung Hok Yau and Karena Lam Ka Yun starred new film HEAVEN IN THE DARK (UM SIK TIN TONG) will open on March 24th. They both received Hong Kong Film Award nominations. Ka Yun said that when she watched her director husband Steve Yuen Kim Wai writing this script, she already felt that it would need Hok Yau. Coincidentally a month later he asked her to make a music video and she told the story to Hok Yau. After reading the script, Hok Yau agreed to perform. Ka Yun was so happy that she started screaming!

In the film Ka Yun played a faithful Christian whose kiss with Hok Yau in the hills made her feel rather conflicted. They ended up in court. As for being accused of indecent assault, Hok Yau said that he tried to find an interpretation that everyone would recognize because this story had many angles. Ka Yun felt that the court scenes were the hardest to play. "In the film my character deeply believes that she is suing Hok Yau for justice, but once the proceedings begin she begins to waver and feels that she has gone too far. So I have to annoy eye contact and appear to be frightened, but when the lawyer uses extremely polite but extremely insulting ways to treat my character, my rage returns and makes everyone question my character. Thus I cried until I collapsed in this scene."

Ka Yun felt that the lawyer character was very suitable for Anthony Wong Chau. Director Yuen Kim Wai then contacted Chau Sun and even said to him, "Ka Yun really wants you to 'rub' her!"

Hok Yau had nothing but praised for Ka Yun's crying scene. "Ka Yun was fully prepared, she knew where the cameras were. When the camera to her right, she was able to shed tears from her right eye. I couldn't help but praise, 'Amazing!' because she had to have great muscle control to be able to accomplish that."

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