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The Stephen Chow Sing Chi directed Lunar New Year film MERMAID (MEI YUN YU) already made more than HK$ 20 million in Hong Kong and 1.2 billion RMB in the Mainland. Although Sing Yeh did not appear in the film, he actually provided his voice to the snoring of the old mermaid. Sing Yeh mischievously said, "I really took part in the performance!" Two videos from the sound recording sessions appeared for the first time. Although it was only a dozen or so seconds of snoring, Sing Yeh did not slack off. He gave a full range of emotions during his snoring, on and off screen he was just as attractive. The film company also dissected the story. The first time when YOU ARE THE BEST IN THE WORLD appeared, Kitty Zhang Yuqi and Tsui Hark appeared in a luxury car. It was not the Karen Mok Man Wai and Adam Cheng Siu Chau's new version but the Roman Tam (Law Man) and Jenny Tseng's original version. It was Sing Yeh's salute to two music industry elders.

When the old mermaid told a story for the first time in the film, a pile of old records was next to her. They included LEGEND OF CONDOR HEROES and LUK SIU FUNG, which were Sing Yeh's favorites. He said, "MERMAID had no Buddha's Palm, but it still has my favorite wuxia nostalgia." Those two records perfectly reflected that. The second time the old mermaid told the story she said, "if not for Mr. Cheng's helping hand 600 years old". The shot swept across an old record with Cheng Siu Chau's classic FIVE EASY PIECES look, but actually the Mr. Cheng the old mermaid referred to was someone else -- the legend of "Zheng He's treasure voyages". Although Zheng He was an eunuch, the old mermaid said, "Love surpasses all races and rules!" This was the mermaid fairy tale that Sing Yeh wanted to tell everyone.

In the film Deng Chao opened his heart to Jelly Lin Yun and told his own tear inducing chicken leg story, which inevitably reminded people of the father and son relationship in the film KING OF BEGGARS (MO JONG YUEN SO HAK YI) and portrait of Sing Yeh's childhood. Sing Yeh was from a poor family. In order for his mother to eat more, he constantly would drop the chicken leg to the floor. Even if he had to take a beating, Mama would still wash off the chicken leg and eat it. Sing Yeh did not mind for this scene to appear in the film, because he wanted to express, "tomorrow will be even better"!

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