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MERMAID announces reaching 1.7 billion RMB mark.  Mrs. Heung reiterates that she has not criticized the film because she has not seen it yet
THE MONKEY KING 2 has been praised with the best word of mouth
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The Lunar New Year's main box office battlefield is the Mainland. According to Mainland media reports this year from Lunar New Year's Day to the Lunar 7th. The Mainland box office was around 3.4 billion RMB. Stephen Chow Sing Chi's MERMAID (MEI YUN YU) announced good news daily. Yesterday after 3PM it reached 1.7 billion RMB and has already pulled away from Chinese Lunar New Year films FROM VEGAS TO MACAU 3 (DOH SING FUNG WON III) and THE MONKEY KING 2 (SAI YAU GEI ji SUEN NG HUNG SAM DA BAK GWUT JING). One of FROM 3's investors Mrs. Heung Tiffany Chan Lan yesterday "opened fire" over the Mainland box office online and said that she would not make comparisons with untrue box office. She turned around and "congratulated" MERMAID box office for "making" it to 5 billion. Mrs. Heung was on full rage.

Mrs. Heung suddenly said that she wanted to have an "uniform reply" online. "First, I don't want to compare with other people's untrue box office. Secondly, this film has a dozen bosses, I never pay any attention to them. Thirdly, THE MONKEY KING 2 has already been proven to 'hack' MERMAID (MERMAID's promotional company told me)...... since it has nothing to do with me why do Sing Fans or the water army always go online to yell at me? Are they bullying me for not speaking up? Finally congratulations to MERMAID box office for making it to 5 billion, the next 5 years no one would be able to break the record! I also wish for 3 billion for THE MONKEY KING 2's box office. How's that?" Mr.s Heung seemed to hint that someone was "hacking" THE MONKEY KING 2's box office. "Gold cup and silver cup are no match for the people's word of mouth, someone is always trying to knock you off when you are on top......" She felt strange that any criticism against MERMAID would draw thousands of water army. She reiterated that she has never criticized MERMAID, because she has not seen it she was not qualified to comment.

Reportedly FROM 3 and MONKEY 2 made 680 and 660 million RMB over six days respectively. MONKEY 2 has momentum, in Hong Kong it made HK$ 12 million over 8 days, the Mainland box office is almost HK$ 800 million and has the best Spring Festival word of mouth. Director Pang Ho Cheung said that he thought he was watching a Hollywood super blockbuster during the final battle against the White Bone Spirit. MERMAID already broken 1.7 billion as of yesterday 3PM at the Mainland box office.

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