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The jury calls Aaron Kwok's veteran cop performance complex and deeply emotional
EVER SINCE WE LOVE director Li Yu accepts Fan Bingbing's Best Actress award 
Philip Yung says that he is 100,000 time happier for Aaron Kwok's Best Actor win than his own
PORT OF CALL wins Berlin Chinese Film Festival Best Director and Best Award
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Aaron Kwork Fu Sing with his film PORT OF CALL (DAP HUET CHUM MUI) won the Berlin Chinese Film Festival Best Actor and its director Philip Yung Chi Kwong received Best Director. The film was also the only Hong Kong film in competition.

The Berlin Chinese Film Festival was the first grand scale Chinese film culture event in Germany in history. This time 40 films participated, 16 were in competition with a German and Chinese film and media members formed jury.

The award ceremony took place on the 27th at the Babylon Theater in Berlin. When the awards were announced, Sing Sing was working on a film in Shanghai. Thus Yung Chi Kwong immediately asked him to give a speech through video conference. Sing Sing said, "It's very encouraging, proving that the effort and hard work that I invested on the film character has not gone to waste. I am very happy to receive the recognition of the jury. Unfortunately this time I am not able to personally accept the award in Berlin, however, Yung Chi Kwong tonight also won the Best Director award and I am truly happy for him and for his talent to be recognized. We hope to share these honors with the entire team." Yung Chi Kwong said, "When I learned that Sing Sing won, I was 100,000 times happier than when I won. His performance was detailed and precise, he truly deserved the honor. In addition, without Sing Sing's participation and major support this time, PORT OF CALL would not have appeared. He truly loves film and supports new directors and new actors. I sincerely applaud him. The jury praised Sing Sing for using his solemn eyes and body language to interpret a veteran cop with a conscience. His award was beyond any doubt."

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