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[2016.02.20] LEON LAI'S LIPS TURN "TARO"

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Sandrine Pinna, Leon Lai, Ho Sing Wai, and Barbara Wong
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Leon Lai with his on screen child
Chrissie Chau would like to work with Leon Lai, of course playing a couple would be the best
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The Leon Lai Ming starred film THE SECRET (SIU SUT DIK OI YUN) two nights ago held its Hong Kong premiere in Mongkok. He and his co-stars Sandrine Pinna (Cheung Yung Yung), Shek Sau, child actor Ho Sing Wai and director Barbara Wong Chun Chun appeared.

When Leon picked up his on screen son Ho Sing Wai, the host suggested for him to give "Papa" a kiss. Leon immediately became a "kind father" and lectured his "son" in Putonghua, "Boys shouldn't do anything too dumb." Then they embraced instead of a kiss. Leon also joked that he and his "son" have a generation gap. "I fooled you. Aside from getting girls, we talk about anything and everything." The actors also played games and gave away prizes to the audience. The last challenge asked the viewer to say Leon's character name. Leon suddenly said, "Going to the movies is going to the movies, why does anyone have to say my name?" Then he randomly picked a fan to give the prize to.

The director revealed that while shooting in the snowy mountain, Leon, Wang Luodan and the crew all had high altitude reaction. Each person carried three bottles of oxygen. Each time before the cameras rolled they had to take a breath of oxygen. Leon said that because he had no production experience in the mountains and during the shoot he had to climb the mountain and roll around, he only took in diluted oxygen. If he took in too much pure oxygen he would be poisoned. He said that one of the high altitude condition symptom was his lips turning "taro color". Although it was rather tough, he expected it. "At first when I saw all the tourists with oxygen tanks, I thought it was pretty strange. Later I was that way too." Leon who just recently opened a facebook account had over 30,000 people likes in a few short days. When did he suddenly open an account? He said, "People usually choose to be the first, I choose to be the last. The five videos were my ideas and creations. (People online thought you were very humorous?) I have always been like this, weird and odd. People who are OK with that would feel it's humor(ous), those who aren't OK would feel it's weird."

Speaking Aarif Rahman (Lee Chi Ting) would leave Leon's company like Janice Man, Janice Vidal (Wai Lan) and JW did, Leon admitted that he has already left for a long time. He said that the company was a transfer station company. After artists grow up they would leave at the appropriate time. Which artist was still under his banner? His eyes widened as he put his hands on his hips and said, "Just me! (Are you fully making yourself the top dog?) No, I want to transition to different jobs. (Will you sign new comers again?) I would if it's destined to be." Leon was unwilling to talk more about Wai Lan's music comeback and said that he rarely read the news unless it was about pandemic or terror attack. Did he have anything ot say to Wai Lan? Leon said, "I wouldn't speak in such a false way. It's not necessary. All singers have to do are their jobs. Should I still talk about someone who has gone to another company? Ask her record company!"

Leon on April 28th will perform a concert on the Central District Promenade. He said that this would not be a traditional concert. It will have surround sound effects, fragrances and visual effects. However the audience will not need to wear special glasses. Because the venue can only admit over 4,000 viewers, was he worried that fans would not be able to get a ticket? He said that this time would actually be a carnival, with a lot of fun things around. He has never been on a ferris wheel and he thought of picking a lucky fan to join him on the ride and share the joy. Has he already started training? "You have to exercise the right amount. The doctor would say no exercise would be bad for you. (What about your diet?) You have to pay attention to your health even when you are not performing a concert. Otherwise you would 'go' a little sooner."

Chrissie Chau Sau Na showed her support for Wong Chun Chun and admitted that she would like to play a couple with Leon. She even wanted intimate scenes. Was she a Leon fan? Chau Sau Na said, "Fans usually don't have space to collaborate, so I am not saying." Would she choose a boyfriend like Leon? She said that there was only one Leon. Would she pursue him? She joked that you cannot force love.

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