Wednesday, February 10, 2016


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Dior Cheng Yi Kin, Jordan Chan Siu Chun, Chin Kar Lok, Jerry Lamb Hiu Fung and Michael Tse Tin Wa earlier "united" for a Lunar New Year photo shoot and even took the chance to announce the good news. After 20 some years they will work together on a film. They had tons of demands from the title, characters to the "cup size" of the actresses. Ekin asked for action scenes, Ah Lo asked for romance, Tin Wa wanted more female characters. As the director Chin Kar Lok promised a beautiful place for the location shoot. Kar Lok said, "The lead actress is very important. The five of us have certain class, of course I have to find actresses of a certain "cup size" to match us!"

Ekin also said that he wanted to play a woman. Tin Wa suggested for Ekin to play his wife -- in a coma! Siu Chun suddenly said that he wanted to play a mute, which Kar Lok joked that he has always been mute! Ah Lo saw through Siu Chun's scheme. "You just don't want to learn your lines, it won't be that easy. The story starts with you as a mute, but you would recall 15 years ago before you were mute. You even really liked to speak, haha!" Ekin suggested for Siu Chun to narrate. Ah Lo joked that the audience would be asleep five minutes into the start of the film. Tin Wa joked that the subtitles had to be very clear.

Speaking of the Year of the Monkey, Ah Lo joked, "I plan to host a charity dinner and dance at home to raise fund for the 'Bo Hei charity fund'." "Bo Hei" were the names of his sons! They even revealed that Tin Wa's New Year wish was to successfully enroll his son in the school of his choice. Although on camera the quintet took jabs at each other and fought over spots for photos. Yet off camera they got along just fine. They even designed the movement and the poses for each other.

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