Friday, February 26, 2016


Fiona Sit feels herself up in front of Du Jiang
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The Fiona Sit Hoi Kei, Du Jiang and Wong Cho Nam starred romantic comedy MR. HIGH HEELS opened in the Mainland on Valentine's Day. Despite the competition from Lunar New Year hits, its box office performance was still pleasing. As of two days ago it has already made over 105 million RMB and left the other romance of the same period RUN FOR LOVE in its dust. Fiona visited 5 cities and over 30 cinemas in 6 days to thank viewers and shared her experience like touching herself in front of Du Jiang and posing with him with victory signs like girls. During her Shenzhen stop, a male fan tried to book the entire show himself and moved her idol with money, but he was convinced otherwise as he gave all the tickets to give to Fiona fan couples and enjoy the film with them.

Viewers kept praising her performance in the film as "super funny" and "very entertaining". Some fan even screamed, "You are very pretty" and turned the question and answer segment into an "expression of love". When asked about love, Fiona admitted that she would always treat people and events with distrust. For example before she started dating she would already be worried about how to get along after she started dating. Once she was officially dating, she would worry whether he would cheat. Yet after her depression and with the support of her religion her view changed drastically. She said, "Now I have learned to live in the moment, grateful for and enjoying everything that the Lord has given me. I don't think too much, I work hard at making myself better. I believe that naturally I will have good results. Even if I have any problem, I have enjoyed and been happy. I wouldn't be alone in worry."

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