Tuesday, February 23, 2016


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"Fai Yeh" Gregory Wong of course shows up in THE MENU film 
Ng Man Tat plays a lower class worker whose daughter was a victim of rape and murder
courtesy of mingpao.com

THE MENU (DOH FOR SUN MUN SIN) film will open this summer. The television series team will return. "Fai Yeh" Gregory Wong Chung Hiu, "Fong Yi" Catherine Chau Ka Yi and "Ah Meh" Kate Yeung Kei with new addition Justin Cheung Kin Sing as the Gwing Pao executive will connect a series of stories.

The film's media background is very realistic. As the newspaper media is in its winter, Gwing Pao helplessly abandons the medium and begins a hit rate war with rival Flash News. Ng Man Tat in the film plays a lower class worker whose daughter's rape and murder leads him to begin a series of condemnation.

Yesterday the film company released THE MENU's first trailer. Fong Yi is promoted to the Gwing Pao chief editor post. Executive Cheung Kin Sing tells her that the newspaper medium will be done soon. Now they are at war with the entire world every second of every minute for hit rate. The dialogue is very fitting. Wong Chung Hiu says that he is watching the fall of the newspaper, in public places like the MTR fewer people are reading newspapers. Most are holding their mobile phones; however, he still supports the newspaper and feels it has a demand. Now the general climate is unclear and gradually is transitioning to new media, which the film will also mention.

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