Thursday, February 18, 2016


Huang Xiaoming and Michelle Hu escape the fire and cough from all the smoke

Michelle Hu and Petrina Fung play daughter and mother
Mao Junjie
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Huang Xiaoming and Jing Girl Michelle Hu Yan, Petrina Fung Bo Bo two days ago worked on Wong Jing's film WONG PAI DAU WONG PAI in Sai Kung. During the shoot Xiaoming and Hu Yan braved a fire to rescue Fung Bo Bo. The film will be a comedy action film. Did Xiaoming have any comedy gene? He said, "I am OK, I want to make more comedies too. (Which Wong Jing comedy is your favorite?) The GOD OF GAMBLERS (DOH SUN) series, it's classic."

Wong Cho Nam also took part in the film. Xiaoming also knew that Cho Nam impersonated his wife Angelababy. He said, "Cho Nam is a very serious but funny person, but I can't think of what he looked like. (A lot of differences?) Right, if he does it again I will charge royalty. I will charge each time he does it. (Has he boasted to you about playing Baby?) He doesn't dare!"

In the film Ouyang Nana played Xiaoming's sister who hinders than she helps, which made him both love and hate her. Did baby make him love and hate her too? Xiaoming said that he did not see his wife much. "She has one thing that I both love and hate, she needs care from other people. If she needs me I have to appear in front of her right away. Being able to see each other is already the most romantic, after marriage we have been together for less than half a month. We only saw each other for three days during the Spring Festival. We didn't even get Valentine's Day off! (Will you make it up?) I don't know, I haven't thought of anything. Since we have been together for awhile I wouldn't ask for anything!"

Hu Yan who worked with Xiaoming for the first time praised how nice he was. They were like siblings. She said that after over a dozen hours at the hair salon and six dye jobs she came away with nothing. "Earlier I dyed my hair red, the more we dyed the pinker it got. I watched my hair went from red to pink, then to fresh pink. Finally I could only wear a wig."

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