Wednesday, May 13, 2009


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Earlier Aaron Kwok Fu Sing's epic EMPIRE OF SILVER was chosen to compete in this June's Shanghai International Film Festival. Sing Sing would compete for the Best Actor award. This time 16 films are in competition and they are from China, Denmark, Italy, Germany, France, Korea among other locations. Yet the only Chinese films in competition are EMPIRE OF SILVER and another art film SOUL SEARCHING.

Lately busy with Benny Chan Muk Sing's new film, Kwok Fu Sing was very happy to learn about EMPIRE OF SILVER's Shanghai International Film Festival competition and happy for director Yao Shuhua because her first film as a director was able to compete in the film festival. The team has received an injection of confidence. Sing Sing expressed that although he had to work, he would like to try time to attend the award presentation and support the director. As for his confidence, Sing Sing expressed that he would face any competition at ease. Because an award was a recognition, he could not think too much about that. During the shoot he worked hard on playing the role well, whether he would get an award or not. Sing Sing would not only have to work on movies but also promote EMPIRE OF SILVER, MURDERER and STORM RIDERS 2. Although he would be very busy, he rather enjoyed it.

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