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Louis Koo Tin Lok, Yuen King Tan, Liu Yang and Leung Ka Yan two nights ago in Hengdian worked on the film DAI NOI MUK TAM LING LING GAU. In the scene Leung Ka Yan and Yuen King Tan tried to save the Emperor. Both swang on wires that were three to four stories high. Yuen Jai even wore an "iron bra" for comedy effect.

Was Yuen Jai afraid at such heights? She expressed that she was not as she has done it a decade or so ago. Was her salary higher for thewire work? Yuen Jai joked, "Wong Jing and I speak love and not money. Years ago Wong Jing already gave me a lot of breaks, so it's no big deal." In the film Yuen Jai played Big S (Barbie Hsu)'s mother and taught Big S how to pick up guys. She joked that after make up she looked like Little S. She and Law Kar Ying also had scenes together. Yuen Jai said, "I definitely will give him a hard time about getting marriage without a banquet. At least he could have treated us to dinner. (Did you get him agift? Blow him a kiss?) No, I will give surveillence equipment and watchhim for Ah Jeh (Liza Wang Ming Chuen)." As for the iron bra look, Yuen Jai joked that her buxom figure has been covered up. The Mainland had Influenza A cases, Yuen Jai expressed that at the airport she asked for medical masks but people claimed that the Mainland was safer. She had pork everyday because pork was cheap.

Liu Yang in the film played a guy and had romantic scenes with BigS. For the role she had to bandage her chest. She honestly said that itwas uncomfortable, once she was bandaged for over 30 hours. Would it impact her chest? She joked, "It's still here." She also had scenes with Goo Jai, who she praised as very charming and happy off camera as well. Currently she was not dating, reporters said that Goo Jai was not either. She just smiled. Did Goo Jai meet her criteria? She said, "I am looking for romance and feeling in a mate, I like to be a girlie girl." In the film she also had many fight scenes. Althoug hshe had six years of danceexperience, she had injuries all over her arm. Luckily Louis Fan Siu Wong took great care of her and was very nice. Did she feel Goo Jai or Fan Siu Wong was nicer? She said that they were completely different people. Goo Jai was too handsome, but still would give people a sense of security.

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