Monday, May 25, 2009


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Director Ang Lee's protege Roy Chow Hin Yeung worked with two time Golden Horse Best Actor Aaron Kwok Fu Sing on the new film MURDERER, which will be released this summer. Ang Lee even called his proteges three times to cheer him on. The film company Jet Tone spent nearly HK$1 million on the SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE trailer production team to produce a trailer for MURDERER.

Although Chow Hin Yeung is a new director, Kwok Fu Sing is still full of confidence in this team. Sing Sing in the film play a cop who is investigating a serial murder case. After the trailer is released, fans accused Sing Sing of resembling Brad Pitt from certain angles and costumes. Sing Sing considered the fan response and said, "Really? I don't know!" Chow Hin Yeung expresses that during this films'

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