Thursday, May 28, 2009


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Wong Cho Nam and many beauties starred in the film SHORT OF LOVE (NGAI JAI DOR CHING), which two nights ago held its wrap banquet. Aside from Cho Nam, several actresses Kate Tsui Tsz Shan, JJ Jia (Ga Hiu Sun) and Race Wong Yuen Ling attended. On stage the beauties all presented a giant sized Viagra pill to Cho Ming and joked that Cho Nam needed to grow in certain area.

Cho Nam revealed that he just returned from Canada. He honestly said that he was afraid of catching Influenza A because soon after he arrived he had a fever, coughs and nosy nose. Luckily he saw a doctor and he was fine. Originally this time Cho Nam was going with his mother but because of the flu he told his mother not to go. He expressed that he intended on going on a holiday with his mother because it would be his first long trip with her. Now he regrets that they could not go.

Tsui Tsz Shan rarely wore mini skirt. She joked that she deliberately showed her feminine beauty to the director because in the film her character was quite a tomboy. At the wrap banquet she had to return to her true form. Would she be even sexier at the premiere? Tsz shan joked that she would worry about it then and that she might go topless. However, she pointed out that Cho Nam was the lead and they were responsible for supporting him. Tsz Shan also praised JJ and Race's beauty. She said that JJ was very cute and Race's figure was absolutely top notch.

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