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This year is Hong Kong film's 100th anniversary, but in the past during film productions industrial accidents have taken place or actors and stunt teams have suffered injuries. To provide film professionals with a more systematic guidelines in the film industry, Hong Kong Film Workers Union released "Hong Kong Film Worker Professional Production Guidelines and Industrial Safety Handbook" in hopes of bring to everyone's attention the importance of film industry safety.

Yesterday at the press conference, Hong Kong Film Worker Union chair Ng See Yuen, Hong Kong Directors Guild chair Gordon Chan Ka Seung and others were present. Lam Ka Tung was the host. Ng See Yuen pointed out that in the past many films had accidents, for example John Woo (Ng Yu Sum)'s RED CLIFF suffered a crew member fatality and stunt team injuries. He felt that such events should not happen so they decided to produce a guideline for the industry from their past experience. This guideline will be in two parts, in hopes that it would make Hong Kong film even more systematic.

Ng See Yuen would produce the Wong Kar Wai directed GRAND MASTER (YUT DOI JUNG SI), which he expressed was originally scheduled to start production in June and now postponed to July. He denied that Brigitte Lin (Lam Ching Ha) would play Ip Man's wife. He admitted that earlier they dined with Ching Ha and she agreed. Yet they did not know what role she would play. He hoped that the reports would not change Ching Ha's mind. Now the screenplay is being written and the team has been checking out locations in Northeast China. Did Ching Ha have any condition for her comeback? He expressed that he did not know, but Ching Ha and Wong Kar Wai are great friends. They definitely would fully assist. Was he afraid of going head to head against Raymond Wong Pak Ming's IP MAN 2? He said, "No, the release dates are different. Many people are looking forward to seeing how Wong Kar Wai makes Ip Man. Ultimately it will give everyone a pleasant surprise."

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