Friday, May 15, 2009


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The Cannes Film Festival just opened and already it has turned into a Chinese film battlefield. Aside from the films in competition, BODYGUARDS AND ASSASSINS (SUP YUET WAI SING), CONFUCIUS (HUNG JI) and other films have set up shop to find buyers. Shooting behind a veil of secrecy in the Mainland, CONFUCIUS released a 2 minute trailer at Cannes.

CONFUCIUS' first set of stills has already been on display of overseas buyers. The production company expressed that CONFUCIUS attracted many overseas buyers' attention and became the hottest Chinese film at the Cannes Film Festival trade portion. From the revealed information, CONFUCIUS pays a lot of details to art and props. As for the grand epic costume designs, the symbols are no longer in elegant and sharp colors but in simple and sincere true Chinese color. Chow Yun Fat's costume is both dignified and full of Eastern mysterious wisdom. In the publicized Chow Yun Fat Confucius stills, Confucius is reading in one and with his disciplines in another. Confucius looks calm and stands with dignity. His disciplines surround him and listen to his words.

CONFUCIUS executive producer Liu Rong said, this still attracted many buyers' attention. Some even discussed its similarities to the famous Western painting THE LAST SUPPER and joked that whether Confucius was comparable to Christ. An European buyer immediately expressed that inthe eyes of the West, Confucius was the closest existence to God in ancient China. Many saw him as Christ of the East. Liu Rong expressed, "The posters that we display are basically all Chow Yun Fat's. Of coursewe consider his international influence."

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