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The Wong Jing directed, Sandra Ng Kwan Yu and Louis Koo Tin Lok starred new film DAI NOI MUK TAM LING LING GAU is shooting in the Hengdian film and television base's "Forbidden City", a golden and regal set. Yesterday the media visited the set. Director Wong Jing led actors Koo Tin Lok, Ng Kwan Yu, Lee Kin Yan, Louis Fan Siu Wong, Song Jia, and Liu Yang to meet the reporters. Playing the Queen of the West Palace Kwan Yu was dressed in a palace costume while Goo Jai played an Imperial secret agent. During the photo shoot, Kwan Yu's head dress poked into Goo Jai's wig and needed the crew's help to untangle them. Comedy ensued both on and off camera.

Kwan Yu frankly said that playing the West Palace Queen was not easy because the costume including the head dress weighed over 20 pounds. Each time she needed over a hour to dress and the crown gave her a headache. In the film Kwan Yu would have fight scenes. She said over a decade ago she has already fought in the INSPECTOR WEARS SKIRTS (BA WONG FA) film series. This time she would fight ninjas behind a mask so she would have doubles. Recently the Mainland had an Influenza A case. Kwan Yu stated that she would worry on her flight. Originally she wanted to bring her daughter to visit the set but she cancelled in the end.

Koo Tin Lok did not take any special precaution against the flu. Usually after work he would return to the hotel to go online and rest. This time Goo Jai played the Imperial secret agent Ling Ling Gau. Would he be very similar to Stephen Chow Sing Chi's Ling Ling Fat? Goo Jai said that the character did not understand gong fu but invented robots. He also said that two days ago was Yu Fa Lee Kin Yan's birthday but on the set he had to abuse him. After the shoot the team brought a cake to celebrate and Yu Fa praised Brother Jing. Yu Fa was asked whether Brother Jing or Chow Sing Chi was nicer? He said, "Chow Sing Chi is nice too, without him I wouldn't be here today." As for anyone who has worked with Chow Sing Chi would be at odds with him, Yu Fa said that this business had no enemy.

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