Friday, May 22, 2009


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Mike He (Ho Kwun Cheung) (Siu Mei) recently has come to Hong Kong with Li Xiaolu to work on the Alfred Cheung Kin Ting directed film SHU DANG SEUNG DIK LUEN YUN (LOVERS ON TREETOP). Siu Mei even grew facial hair to look more masculine. Yesterday they shot on location at Central a photography scene. Avid photography fan Xiaolu before the shoot captured Siu Mei in a close up and studied it with him. Cheung Kin Ting revealed that he waited for Siu Mei for two years and for Siu Mei he gave up Li Bingbing.

On their first collaboration together, Cheung Kin Ting praised Siu Mei's good attitude and waiting two years for him was worth it. He pointed out that when he first conceived SHU DANG SEUNG DIK LUEN YUN, the female lead choice was Li Bingbing. At the time Bingbing suggested an older male lead, but he felt that this was an idol film. Finally he decided to cast Siu Mei and not Li Bingbing. He cherished Siu Mei completely because Siu Mei's good attitude. Two years ago when they methe already wanted to work with him. This time the film cost 8.5 million.

Siu Mei felt that his coordination was the director was great, perhaps because they were born on the same day their personalities were well matched. He had a lot of room to work with his acting and the collaboration has been rather pleasant. Siu Mei said that this time he would stay in Hong Kong for 3 or 4 days.

Yesterday Cheung Kin Ting's 15 year old son Cheung Ko Ming was also on hand. He expressed that his son was interested in directing so his son was an intern on the set. Later he would send his son to study film in New York and let him learn through literary works and novels.

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