Thursday, May 14, 2009


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Huayi Brothers' annual major production THE MESSAGE yesterday held its first open media visit, but its stars still dared not reveal the slightest "message". When leads Zhou Xun and Huang Xiaoming was interviewed, they practiced Tai Chi on any question that might exposeany film detail. Instead they praised each other without holding back. Zhou Xun commended Huang Xiaoming's professionalism and courage to bravethe challenges and make sacrifices for the film. Huang Xiaoming respondedwith Zhou Xun's acting was unrivaled as her new character gave a very "alternative" impression.

Reportedly, Huang Xiaoming who saw the production as a transformation worked very hard during the shoot. Often when the directors felt a scene was fine, he asked for another take to perform thebest impression. He played a Japanese soldier, so Japanese lessons alsobecame Huang Xiaoming's requirement. He told reporters that in the original work the Japanese dialogue was nearly 1/3, around 15 pages of A4 sized paper. Before the shoot he started to practice, almost to the point of nonstop. He suspected that he was speaking Japanese even in his dreams. When reporters tested his Japanese, Huang Xiaoming easily passed.

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