Monday, May 25, 2009


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The 62nd Annual Cannes Film Festival closing ceremony took place. Although many stars and directors have already left, the red carpet still glittered with stars. For example Cinefondation jury member and famous Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi appeared in a tight long silver dress. Jury member Shu Qi appeared in a blue long dress. She also responded to the master of ceremony's questions in English but mischievously mixed its with Chinese. She said that she was a little reluctant to leave Cannes because she had to return to Hong Kong right away.

Chinese screen writer Mei Fang with SPRING FEVER won Best Screenplay. He is teaching at the Beijing Film Academy and the supervising instructor of this year's graduation class. His students next week will defend their graduation theses so he could not make time to accept the award at Cannes. He could only ask director Lou Ye to accept it on his behalf. Mei Fang expressed that the award was somewhat a surprise.

Lou Ye said that he and screen writer Mei Fang have worked together for a long time and revealed how difficult the production was. Lou Ye expressed that Mei Fang was very proud of his award and hoped that young Chinese directors would be able to freely make movies. At the same time he did not want this film's production and award to bring any trouble to anyone on the production team, and he believed that would not happen. Independence is something that every filmmaker could achieve and is also a basic condition.

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