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The reality film BREAK UP CLUB's new actor audition took place yesterday. Director Barbara Wong Chun Chun, producer Lawrence Cheng Tan Shui and the leads Jaycee Chan (Fong Cho Ming) and Fiona Sit Hoi Kei attended. Film company representative Chung Won On was also present. The film would start production on June 1. Yesterday 100 participants took place in the audition, one even performed a break up scene with Cho Ming and Fiona. Rumored couple Cho Ming and Fiona reunited for this collaboration, naturally they became the targets. Director Wong Chun Chun yesterday revealed that when she first approached Fiona about the film, she said that if Cho Ming would take the role she would too. Fiona looked embarrassed and denied it with laughter; however, this collaboration this time would not resemble 2 YOUNG (JO SHOOK). Instead they would have to bungee jump together.

Later when they talked about this challenge they immediately tried to push the responsibility to the other. Cho Ming jokingly said to Fiona,"You jump, I jump!" Cho ming was very resistant to any intimate scene together. He was afraid that his heart would not be able to take it and would ask the director to reduce intimate scene. Cho Ming would also be a photographer as well as an actor for the film.

The film's subject was break up. Would they interpret their break up experience? Cho Ming said that he had some experience but actually this was not a tragic film. Thus he would not be excessive. He frankly said that when he was 18 he was "dumped"; Fiona would not put her experience in the film. Were they "under order" to date this time? Fiona immediately nervously expressed no and stressed there was no "order". During the interview they often traded jabs and flirted. Cho Ming expressed that was how they communicated ordinarily and he would never submit to anyone. Fiona expressed that she would respond to anything, but it would depend on whether Cho Ming's comment was nonsense.

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