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Josephine Siao Fong Fong at this year's Hong Kong Film Award received the Lifetime Achievement award. In regards to reports that said"even Sister Fong Fong's daughter went on stage", Fong Fong said that herdaughter wanted a low profile life and refused to appear. The girl on stage that night was not her daughter. As for TVB cutting her presentation and making her family and friends stay up to watch the complete version, she loved her family and friends for that. As for TVB's handling, Fong Fong joked that her information was already "often repeated" and many were familiar. She wasalready very satisfied that the End Children Sexual Abuse Foundation was not cut. She gave special thanks to Stephen Chow Sing Chi's narration, which made her sound so vivid. She even wrote Chow Sing Chi a thank you letter! As for what she wrote, she said, "My 'deaf ear' couldn't hear the award ceremony narration was Sing Yeh read! I only found out from reading the tabloids. I immediately asked someone to write down what SingYeh said for me. As soon as I read it, incredible! I told 'Sing Siu', since those over 600 words came from him, no wonder the audience was all laughs. He did his magic! Ha Ha! I also wrote to thank director Wong Kar Wai. He even graciously replied to me personally!"

Actually, Sister Fong Fong was the happiest that night to see Zhang Guoli backstage. She saw Zhang Guoli's JIN HUN and MEMORIES IN CHINA and admired his acting very much. Fong Fong said, as soon as she saw Zhang Guoli and Zhou Xun she forgot her own injury, immediately "lept" toward them and said, "Instructor Zhang, I am Fong Fong, last name Siao. You are my idols. Your JIN HUN performance is too great. I have been anactor for so many years, I truly have wasted my life!" Sister Fong Fong'sgenuine passion made Zhang Guoli very happy. He waited for Fong Fong to return backstage and deliberately paid a visit in her dressing room. FongFong at the same time also admired young actress Zhou Xun's PERHAPS LOVE and JU ZI HONG LE performance.

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