Wednesday, May 27, 2009


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Sundream's latest film PLASTIC CITY will be released on June11. The film is Yu Lik Wai directed. Two strong actors Anthony Wong Chau Sun and Joe Odagiri work together for the first time. Yu Lik Wai expresses that when Joe Odagiri learns that he would work with Chau Sun and play father and son with him, he is extremely excited. He says, "Joe Odagiri is already a top Japanese actor, but he is very interested in other Asian regions' developments. He accepts the role because he feels his co-star is a good actor and in his past hits he mostly works with actresses. Thus he looks forward to working with a very strong actor." Joe Odagiri before production often watches Chau Sun's films to fully prepare for their first collaboration.

At the same time, Chau Sun also has done a lot of homework for this film. Most of his lines are in Portuguese. He is so fluent that even the Brazilian crew praises his accuracy. Chau Sun's hard work has touched Yu Lik Wai. "Learning a language in a short time is very hard. Chau Sun can deliver his lines in Portuguese without affecting his acting, which is truly amazing. Chau Sun has quite a talent for language, he picks it up very quickly. I often see Chau Sun repeatedly practice on the set with a recorder."

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