Thursday, May 21, 2009


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Chow Yun Fat is suffering all sorts of abuse on the production oF CONFUCIUS. He not only lost over ten pounds but also got bruises all over from a tumble scene in the rain. Director Hu Mei said that Fat Gor in this film had to kneel in the mud water and tumble in the rain. After the shoot Fat Gor was not satisfied and after over a month asked for another take. At the time his shoulder was already injured buthe still insisted on tumbling on the ground. After the shoot his shoulder was all bruised, but Fat Gor had no complaint.

Earlier when the press visited the set, the media called Fat Gor's wonderful response great wisdom from the saint's possession. He frankly said that he did not understand Confucius at all. He did not have much education and completely relied on the manner and speech that the director and experts provided him. How did he feel about Confucius? He said that this person was great. He did not understand Confucius, but he understood the screenplay and character were already enough. Fat Gor felt that the director approached him to play Confucius perhaps due to the proximity of their height. Fat Gor and Zhou Xun shot the Confucius and Nanzi meeting scene, the atmosphere of which was somewhat awkward. It was their own scene together in the film.

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